Stunning 😆

People, strange things! 🙂

More so, the female variety… well, I am a man, so it stands to reason! 🙂

Lots to learn, our best teacher is ourselves, I have learnt lot’s over the years, some… good, bad, crap and amazing things … lessons I need to learn at the time. Much like anyone else. 🙂


Scrap that…

Let’s not go there… 😉

Don’t want a fall out on here, well… not one of them kinds!

People though… not all is as it seems.

Interestingly… things are going to get messy!!

Things in the internet marketing world are going to blow up sooner than later, the syndicate is going to come a cropper… Salty come right out and say’s The Syndicate scams – read it all and the comments if it interests you, but don’t attach the comments to the blog owner… he is only the blog content writer … that blog is a bit on the edge of the line itself, so thick skin is needed too when reading it… can’t blame him, telling it as it is… I like that! 😉  Why he gets a backlink here … 🙂

I remember most of them starting out. Got rich ripping others off, selling unicorns! Bragging about earning 6 figure sums while earning 3 … fake it till ya make it punks! Way to go … Irwin 😆

Shame on them eh… No, you don’t want a bleeding unicorn! 😛

I do not align myself with any of that, nor that blog, they are not my words, so… take it for what you will, but bear in mind I DO agree with the fact they are taking liberties with people…

Mini Xray
What's inside is what counts 🙂

These people are bad inside… They are so stuck up their own arses that they expect you to stick your head up there too, bow to them or they dismiss you … sad pricks.

The inside is what matters … what?

You want to hear about what? Women? *sigh… funny enough, there is something to connect these two things … 😉

The majority of the bad ones in this lameass internet marketing syndicate are men… as you can see with the list posted near the bottom by “fergetabouthem”… worth staying well away from that lot.

I happen to think personally, that while there are female scammers out there, most of the time in business women are generally more honest, more upfront and more subtle in what they do, they don’t brag like the men do, more often than not they don’t need to… 😉

Shame it’s not that way with personal relationships… 😆

Well… you know. 😉

Now, I am hoping this jerkfest in the Internet Marketing arena gets slammed, they start top lose anything their ill gotten gains from people.

This crap started about 2003, 2004… I remember it well… the warrior forum was a hangout, I don’t say that place is scamming, just that it was where alot of these rip off merchants got together… just like the syndicate, if you don’t fit in with the inner circle, you get nowhere.

Sucks… best avoided. 😉

Scammers … internet marketing syndicate
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13 thoughts on “Scammers … internet marketing syndicate

  • August 21, 2010 at 5:21 am

    Wow. Just landed on your blog and found 2 good articles straight away…way to go. I can speak from personal experience about the IM scammers. Was scammed not once,not twice but three times!!! Too trusting by far. Then I met some honest bloggers and things have really turned around. Joined the blogging community and it is so different. I have found it more relational and so helpful so for that I am grateful. When I decide to start reviewing and selling some quality products related to my niche, I will have learned not only how not to do it, but now how to do it properly.
    Thanks for an insightful post Rob.
    Patricia Perth Australia´s last blog post ..Lavender Health-Embracing An Organic Lifestyle

    • August 21, 2010 at 11:42 pm

      Thanks for that comment Patricia,

      Sorry to hear you got burnt by these scamming idiots, all to easily happens, they can be very persuasive in selling pipe dreams and unicorns. 😉

      That’s probably the biggest lesson to take away from it, exactly how NOT to do things… a costly lesson but one that sets you up in the future. 🙂
      Rob´s last blog post ..Basics of SEO and Internet marketing works

  • August 21, 2010 at 2:54 pm

    Hey Rob,

    I wouldn’t have a problem with any of these guys if they were selling products that actually worked for the majority of their buyers. My beef with them is that they know for a fact that the majority of the people who buy their products are going to fail. They are selling broken promises. I would never recommend or try to sell something that I wasn’t confident in. I would need to be confident that the vast majority of people were going to succeed with it. Otherwise I could not bear the weight on my conscience.

    I probably shouldn’t speak because it is not like I am not without my own fair share of faults. I just hope that my money never corrupts me to the point that it has corrupted those used car salesman. They could be doing a lot more with their revenue to insure that the people buying their products become successful.
    Kathy´s last blog post ..How to Find Blogs With Keywordluv

    • August 21, 2010 at 11:44 pm

      Hi Kathy,

      These people don’t care, they don’t have the ethics of people like yourself… 😉

      Do they have any?? 😆 I do begin to wonder…

      None of us are perfect, but there is a line and most of us don’t cross that, unlike these scammers… they jump right on over it, sadly, and hope they have a nice downfall. 🙂
      Rob´s last blog post ..Living up to the perception you put out- why most screw up

  • August 21, 2010 at 5:14 pm

    Wow, great thought about how different men are from women when it comes to honesty in business, though I don’t agree when it’s in terms of relationships 🙂 Though thinking about it, online business ethics do really play a huge part in this industry, without it scamming would also be a part of my daily routine, except that I always stand by my principles, well that’s a good thing I suppose, even it’s not making me money, it’s making me a better man and closer to heaven, I hope 🙂

    By the way, I just contacted Akismet a while ago to have my email removed from their list of spammers. Thanks for the heads up Rob 🙂


    • August 21, 2010 at 11:47 pm

      Hey Jason,

      Glad ya got that sorted out, no worries, hate to think how many times ya may have made comments and no-one sees them.. gotta suck, spammers are persistent when I see they never give up, using bots and crap is one way, but I bet many of them still type out crap… in the hope we fall for it once.

      Principles, what price on that? 😉
      Rob´s last blog post ..Money- evil stuff but we all need it…

  • August 25, 2010 at 3:55 pm

    So that’s what they call themselves, Syndicate. I personally don’t take interest on people’s success tutorials or something in the internet. If its free then I may have the time to check it. I just believe that one’s strategy don’t work to everyone. So for me its better to check the whole process first to know if it applies to your business. 🙂

      • August 25, 2010 at 7:51 pm

        LOL! Yeah you’re absolutely right. I know someone who calls himself the internet mogul or something like that. He makes money by making people richer using online marketing.. DUH? He goes by name of JC! He just gets into my skin.. Sorry!

        Thanks for the heads up Rob. Great blog!

        • August 25, 2010 at 7:57 pm

          Lol… what a lameass… most of the so called big name marketers are NOTHING compared to the real big earners… the difference is these real big earners don’t brag about it… we will never know them, that’s how I would be if I was in the same boat… after all, they brag because they need to LIE about what the reality is to get more suckers in…. sad.
          Rob´s last blog post ..Learning more SEO to Improve my Internet marketing

  • September 7, 2010 at 12:57 am

    The advantage of having no money is not having the experience to be scammed. 😀 Being online since ’94, though, I have seen so many emails and websites that I got to figure out scams. I may not know all but I’m safe. Same way with spammers. As with male vs female scammers, I guess they’re both almost equally active these days. As for those who fall for scammers, I’ve had friends scammed who did not believe me at first until they experienced the painful loss. Most are men.
    C5@ Solutions, Ideas, Conclusions´s last blog post ..Party Games-Parlor Games- Catch The Dragon’s Tail Lessons Learned

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