Screensaver with resale rights!

I know there are lots of you readers out there who would love to have a product that you can sell to make money online or use for building up your list, by way of giving an incentive to join you.

Knowing that it’s not so easy to create something in such a short space of time, I would like to offer you a tip you can utilise in your profit building, or list building efforts.

There is a very good reason I say this, I have done this myself when I had issues a few years ago and I know it can be done.

I have even thought about doing a newer updated better version of the one I did the last time, it sold and helped me make money online for helping my offline issues.

Better still I may do niched themed ones, these could be used by others to build their list with that said niche.
This would be done with resale rights. I make money from them, they either make money directly from them too or by building a list via giving them away and monetising that list further down the line.

The niches would be diverse…depending on the viability of them.

But if you already have some pictures you like, in a niche you feel you can utilise a screensaver for I will happily create a screensaver from your pictures. (contact me for any questions etc)

These could be from wedding pictures, family pictures etc.. whatever you choose.. there is only ONE rule..they must be YOUR pictures. OR you must have the RIGHT to use the pictures.

I do hope the smart ones here will see the potential of this. You are all smart… ;o)

You don’t have to create an “ebook” or a massive blog, or dozens of salesletters pimping stuff to create some income or asset like a list from which you can create an income.

Think of something different for your target market than what everyone else is offering and you stand a better chance of being noticed in the niche which will help you to make money online from that said niche.

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