SEO is important…blogger, why is wordpress more suited to it?

I have hit 1000 subscribers recently as you can see on the right in the counter, and I wanted to thank you all for that, if you have yet to subscribe, by all means feel free to do so… 😛

I appreciate you all, I welcome you too if you decide to subscribe.

I am glad to have moved to this WPress platform, a few points though…

If you are 100% new to blogging I still think blogger is the best bet, it can’t be beaten for sheer ease of use, the ease to just start, which many of us say is probably the hardest part.

My opinion for what it’s worth, if you are starting with blogger, by all means go for it,  if possible use a custom domain too as you then have a much stronger chance of keeping the blog, on blogspot they can delete your blog, nothing to stop them, it’s happened before…

The other thing, this move for me was not all plain sailing, as my old blog was always on FTP and never blogspot or custom domain, I think it probably had an effect… therefore should you ever decide to move onto WPress sometime when you feel more up to it or have outgrown blogger I think the exporting and importing will be far easier for you.

That said, I am glad I done the move now, like I said, it wasn’t all plain sailing and a massive thanks goes out to Andy Beard for the help especially with the redirects, and answering the few questions I asked.

Now I am moved, it’s given me some new motivation, there seems to be so  much more you can do with WPress then with blogger and I also never really felt blogger helped SEO wise, at least not making it easy for bloggers to utilise SEO… WP on the other hand!

Not only does WP make it easier for the users, (us) it makes it more suitable to the SE’s and the readers.

I will have to be more mindful of the SEO side of things now, but feel I have a better platform and tools here to be so, than on blogger.

I am AMAZED that blogger google have let WPress gain so much ground on them with blogger over the last few years, mind you blogger stagnated for a few years, it’s only the last couple they have been making strides, yet I still feel it’s all a little to little to late, some of the good things they are bringing into blogger now WPress has had for a long time.

The time to up your game blogger was two or three years ago!

Don’t you all agree?

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