Some things are just not meant to be the way you expect want them to be…and summer here is no different.

End of august and I see people moaning saying “chilly now, got the heating on” on the social sites!
Talk about damn good timing. :o)

Wanna make money in simple terms, best start betting on that timing more often, it happens alot, look at sports and stuff to see it’s true, like rain on wimbledon…usually a cert it will rain hard at least ONE day…yet it didn’t really happen this year because of that roof, you could have laid money it wasn’t gonna bloody rain hard this year!

Sods law isn’t it? ;o)
There’s money in that sods law there!

I digress…

September soon, I always felt it was a time of change, a sense of the start of the real year, must be from that upbringing of school new years, the nights drawing in and getting the coat out, the school starts mean…winter won’t be long!
(yes, that too…short winter please) ;o)

Is the year flying by or…??

Sorry I know most don’t want to hear it, but Christmas will be here in no time, then new year!!…
How will you be looking back on this year?
We still have a few months to make choices and take actions on influencing that outcome, well some do…

For most it’s been a crappy year with the economy and such, but no where near as bad as the media made out at the time, even now they are already changing their tune…”green-shoots and shit” (bollox) but it sells papers!

It don’t hide the truth of matter though, it’s a crap situation for everyone, the whole stupidity and greed of the banks and such, the incompetence of the thieving expense pilfering government.

It is a sad state of affairs when our government has lumbered the younger generation with a massive debt and shit start to working life without them having the means to pay that debt (money robbedborrowedon the never never by the banks) with no work!

Looking on the brighter side of things, we have had a decent-ish summer here this year after a very nice spring. So, cold winter I bet! ;o)

Autumn first, a nice time of the year, nice skies at dusk, shooting stars, red leaves and almost a constant breeze!
I got plenty to sort out this Autumn and looking forward to doing so too, a great time to take plenty of photo’s as well.

Hows the year shaped up so far for you?
Are ya looking forward to the kids getting back to school, or dare I ask!? :o)
Does Sept feel like a time of change to you?

September…a time of change
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