No I am not claiming they are the same person!

If you have tried writing at any time you know how it’s not as easy as it seems, and it pays to learn from others.

One reason I read both of these guys is I can always learn something from them.

Yet today Seth has hit on something I can immediately relate to, something S King has also touched upon.

Seths post is a very short yet fantastic example itself of what he writes of… we learn great by examples.
He teaches yet shows at the same time but in such a simple short direct manner…

He IS a marketer after all.. ;o)

Stephen King writes of the same thing in his fantastic book “On writing”… One of his most interesting books.

Very different to anything you expect of him, yet so good as he shows real examples that HE wrote.

And you see it in his main books.

Do I need to do the same? ;o)

Seth Godin – Stephen King!
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