A really simple question but it wasn’t one I had even really asked before…

I bet many haven’t, though it seems to be something that must have popped into our heads at the time, personally I didn’t ask it like that or think about it how I should, people do ask it more to themselves these days.

Progress you could say…

I am glad they asked it, it really did get me thinking over it, especially earlier yesterday evening when I had to begrudgingly go back and reformat so many post on here, due to the new look.

I’ve done 50 odd so far, but still so much to do… I hadn’t expected that when I did the change of look! 🙄

So, what was this simple question they ask…

Why did you start blogging?

Blimey… yeah, more shocking is when… back in 2004! Old skool!!

I could hardly believe it was also the day before my youngest son turned 9

See for yourself… my very first blog post. 😆  cringe

I just went to find it, and look at that first post, the blog name, everything about it… so… um old… lol

BUT… looking at it, there is a hint right there in the post.

I’m not deaf online… 😉

The internet gives everyone an equal voice and an equal communication level… well, to a point, but it is there. I’m not missing anything online like I would offline, hence me liking the messenger side of tech. 😉

Can you blame me?

More than that, I realised things haven’t really changed that much, the reason I started it is still the reason I do it, I also always wanted to be a writer or artist when I were a lad and didn’t do either…

So, that’s why I really got started. To write more. I was always a letter writer, I used to write to my nan often.  🙂

Back in them early blogging days, it was a different world on and offline, blogging was the early social media in a way, the comments were where it all got busy, friends were made, cross blog  conversations were interesting, we all learnt alot and we also read alot of great stuff, reading each others blogs.

It was all hand coding, till things moved to blogger, moveable type, typepad and wordpress and other platforms.

Things just got a little easier as we went along.

It was all fun… most didn’t ask the question of why we started, we just did, we all wanted to have own or voice. A few clearly did consider why they started and saw the potential.

Yet… along with some others…

I messed up

I should be doing much better.

I tell you why, I look at some of the bloggers from back then and what they are doing now… several of them really have gone places, some are millionaires now, others are running “successful enough to be very comfortable” blogs and sites and others are selling products, some are speakers and more.

Others have retired to the life of Riley. (whoever Riley is) 😆

Some have sadly passed on.

2004… that’s a long while ago. It makes me think.

I just noticed Darren Rowse started his blog the very same month I started my first one. You can see the difference between having a plan and niche, and not having one.

Those who succeeded had a much better focus and a much better plan for the niche they were in… they had a niche for a start!

Had I been focused and organised maybe I’d be in a better boat yacht now so to speak.

Had my sole focus been to make it a success and work at it with a plan I probably would have done everything differently.

It wasn’t why I started blogging though.

And life got in the way several times… It’s not in the way any more. 😉

Great question though, one everyone should consider before starting a blog.

One every blogger should ask themselves again…  😉

A simple yet important question…
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