“Sly marketers = stupid people”

Need I really say more?

Funny thing IM and the marketers involved in that circle, some are simply to sly to be anything but stupid and insulting, the only care they have is to make money online whatever it entails.
Honestly the drivel and crap peddled is seriously getting crazy.

Emails with NOTHING of content and a link to the “next big thing” shoved in your face, and yet these are the people who I DID trust to deliver once and they have gone the way of everyone else who screws it all up.

Sad shite really, I even noticed a so called “guru” post some perfectly common sense fisherman to restaurant owners work ladder!

Then others say they were a genius. Sheesh!!

You know, it ain’t hard to find that post if you thought about it, he is one of those who has pushed so hard on crap over the us he has to post a blurb saying how nothing is for sale or in planning to launch on this post… lol!

Says it all!

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