A few post ago I wrote an example of how someone could start blogging, really in a way it’s starting a potential business simply blogging about something they do, while following that post would cost you a little sum it’s still no more than a bag of fish and chips, literally.

Despite that saying “you gotta spend money to make money” being the usual comment it’s not true really, is it?

Yes you could do that, spending money to jump ahead on the curve so to speak, using either tools to do the job, paying someone to do it for you, or simply spending money on a form of advertising…there is nothing saying that’s the only way.

With most people less likely to want to spend money, knowing you don’t have to is going to sound appealing and my friend Lynn has wrote a great post on starting a free online business on her fantastic clicknews blog.

With the current situation as it is there are going to be more and more people thinking about whether this make money online really is doable and that’s understandable and completely doable too.
Nowhere else but the Internet could you just start up and business and have a chance to make it work.

The real beauty is you can just test the waters many times until you do find something that will work, grab interest, gain a following, whatever the gaol may be.

Why listen to Lynn?

I’ve known Lynn a few years now and even remember sharing comments back and forth on our old blogs…*sigh memories….where was I?
Lynn is a successful work at home mum of two and has been working online for over ten years now, and doing it alone too and Lynn shares exactly what she does when she does it…you get a huge advantage of leapfrogging the learning curve reading her blog.

Now Lynn is really living the dream while we all work!

There’s a lot to be said for reading what other people have done, and watching what they do while telling you what they do…!! (That was a mouthful!) :o)

There are so many different ways to earn a living online, blogging, affiliate marketing, newsletters, forums, etc…Lynn has all of that going on!

How can you not learn from Lynn?

Lynn like everyone else started online with nothing, no experience, expert knowledge, big funds, just like most of us and yet shows what can be done.

It really does boil down to just doing something. Doing anything is better than nothing.

It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg either, whatever anyone thinks.

I believe now could be the best time to try due to the “socialising aspect” of the Internet that is growing so rapidly.
Why this is important is due to the growing “personal” feeling of blogs, writing, etc, there is more personality coming through from a wider angle and rightly so, it’s people connecting to people.

Bigger business blogs and multiple author blogs will start to slow down, paying bloggers means outgoings so it makes sense that this will be something to cut back on for them.

This gives the smaller more personal bloggers like Lynn, me, thousands of others, you, a better chance of growing.

People trust and connect with people, not corporations etc.

People do things on the recommendation of people they trust and know, Lynn is someone I trust and know.
Therefor if Lynn shares her experience with us about something I would tend to believe her, no?

I know Lynn has done the very things she shares with us, so know that you can indeed start an online business for free!

Go for it, start now and use 2009 as your year to find your place online.
Even if you only spent 2 hours a week writing, that’s 100 hours a year!

Look back this time next year and see what you have achieved!

So, what’s stopping you?

“So, what’s stopping you?”
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One thought on ““So, what’s stopping you?”

  • December 31, 2008 at 5:21 pm

    Thanks….not sure whats going on there but is your name joyce? or linda?

    And I’d rather not you posted a link to something in comments to be honest, as you can see that’s not live anyway, even ones I post here aren’t…your name is a lnk, ;o)

    Thanks for the comment Joyce, Linda.


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