How hard can it be?

Be social, interact, connect with “like minded” people, share good stuff, be part of it rather than use it.

These so  called self styled experts are so fake it’s unbelievable. They BORE me!!

It’s like the second wave of “Im gurus” spouting nothing but common sense and charging people for it, just to make money online for the sake of it.

“Wanna but my shit ebook on how to get 1000’s followers on twitter”

Great… that’s 20 bucks please, you open the ebook, it says… follow 1000’s  and most of them follow you back!

Be interactive and get involved within the conversation. Share good things and RT (retweet) good things others share.

Well DUH!!!

Excuse me while I laugh! 
Most don’t even follow their own advice! 

Look at some of these “experts” way of doing things and read their blogs etc and they are just boring most of the time…same old same old.

That includes some of these so called bigger names.

Stop wasting money lining these idiots pockets and just do it the ONE way you should, what works BEST for you. If you must spend money, stick it in the beer on the right of this blog and ask for my view on it. lol … could save 19 bucks at least!

That is the only way you will ever get anywhere with things, get stuck in and LEARN what’s best for you, same with anything you learn in life, your experience is always different to everyone else.

Your way IS the right way… for you.

The biggest thing is to just be YOU.

Social experts are as fake as they get!
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2 thoughts on “Social experts are as fake as they get!

  • April 1, 2009 at 12:43 pm

    Now you know why I could never write the “twitter” book. It’s just too simple and your post explains it perfectly. I find that marketing is much harder to grasp for most that are trying to use social media to build their businesses. It usually just ends up looking like spam. I’ve tested tons of different tactics and the only one that really works is being real and talking to other people. Eventually, the spammers will figure it out…

  • April 1, 2009 at 12:50 pm

    Hi Ross,

    I agree, I couldn’t do it either, a free one maybe, just to help people get to grips with it’s simplicity …would be two pages lol!

    As you say, be real, be you, rest is secondary and it does follow anyway. :o)

    Sure hope the spammers do, but then again, spammers are stupid, so… ;o)


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