“Sort your act out blogger”

Sad that Google has treated us old time bloggers who use the old blogger format instead of beta like second class bloggers.

I have posted three post and none have published!

SORT ya shit out blogger!

You did a sly and I think disrespectful thing when you set up blogger beta…making it better for people who use it, so trying to get more people to use it with own domains…well I don’t want to use beta on my domain that way.

Alot of others don’t either and yet I was one of the beta bloggers in the first place.

What a kick in the teeth.

Blogger wonder why most people prefer WP?

Sort it out Google!

I am tempted to move everything over to WP if I can get it sorted out.

You have mucked us about too long.

Any opinions?

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5 Responses to “Sort your act out blogger”

  1. Wish I could help you out. And I know I’ve read people who’re frustrated like you. Truth is, I don’t even know enough to know if they’re frustrated for the same reason.
    I do know a number of happy people with great looking blogs using WP these days. Several of them switched only recently. They kept the same name, though generally changed their whole look. In any case, my impression was they kept their readers.

  2. I’m frustrated as well, but for a different reason. Right now I’m using Blogger only like an interface and I publish my stuff under my own domain. It takes hours to FTP a post. hy does it has to rewrite the whole archive instead of adding the last article?

    Hopefully I will switch to WordPress as soon as my provider gives me MySQL access…


  3. Alex says:


    That is exactly why I don’t like blogger or any other hosted blogs … You are always left at mercy of the big guys …

    Hopefully you will sort it out.

  4. Erina Hart says:

    I keep hearing that WP is far better than Blogger. Maybe you (and I) should move somewhere else. I don’t want to wind up with lots of problems too.

    If you move, make sure you tell me!

  5. Roger Davis says:

    Hi Rob,

    If you do decide to switch to WP, you know I’ll help you out mate.

    Any chance you could teach me how to get things written, in return? 😉

    At the moment I’m like that song by ‘The Beautiful South’ – ‘You keep it all in’.

    (Makes note on today’s to-do list – ‘break block’.)

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