St Patricks day, 16 years ago today

This handsome young man came into our lives, a day my life changed forever and for the better.

The day I became a dad!

He never made it easy for his mum either keeping her in labour two days! 

I am proud of you J.

Happy birthday son, Love ya lots…. Dad x

To the rest of you, have a good St Patricks day.

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2 Responses to St Patricks day, 16 years ago today

  1. ExRat says:


    Happy Birthday J!!

    Welcome to manhood – it’s all downhill from here 😉

    Welcome to the ‘next generation’ Rob. It’s a sheer-drop from here :-0



  2. Rob says:

    Hey roger,

    I will wish him that later when I see him after he finished college this afternoon.

    Yeah the next generation mate.. tis here upon us, we are the elders now Roger. :o)

    I might have a mid life crisis soon then just so I can get it out of the way ;o)

    Thanks mate,


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