Oi… copycat…

I see you have yet to add the most important post to your copied-blog.

The one where YOU are exposed!

I see from my stats.. (don’t ya love stats) that you have checked your copied-blog at least twice in the last two days, I KNOW this from my stats due to you being so dense and thick and using MY stat code.

Yes your activity shows up.. so I have MORE proof!!

You are some dumbass aren’t ya!

Well.. I have contacted your domain registrar, yes I KNOW who you used, as well as blogger, and adsense..so hopefully you will lose far more than you ever stood to gain.

I KNOW you read this too… stats! stats glorious stats!

Well dumbass… how you feel to be caught out?
How do you feel that everyone KNOWS you are stupid?

WHEN I get your name..I will post it here for all to know.

So… best thing you can do is to DELETE that blog before it gets deleted.

I KNOW which county you are in… and this is good because I CAN take legal action.. if it gets that far..

You are a chicken shit!
Hiding behind a screen thinking you are anonymous!! Daft swine!

YOU are NOT! I will get your name, address, eveything I need!

Stats say so much…
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