fishing boat
Gone fishing! 🙂

Stunning day today and great to be out there on Chesil beach for some of it, the small sea breeze was nice! 😆

Makes a change from all the writing, traffic, links, aim at getting content shared, all these things we bloggers have to do in order to get somewhere, it can be tiring, boring even and at times frustrating… but you can’t stop doing them, gotta keep fishing!

Even with a normal job? Fishing still, for a wage! 😉

It seems we are all fishing, us bloggers and internet marketers are always fishing for links, traffic, results, whatever it is, thinking up new clever ways to get any result, no matter how small, testing this that and the bloody other!

Dump what fails, build what works, rinse and repeat … Scale if possible!

Yeah I know… tedious!

I don’t want to do it much anymore either, simply put I have got bored of it because it can be endless repetative crap, and probably i haven’t done it good enough!

Importantly continuously doing it doesn’t make me happy anymore the way it did… not any specific part, just as a whole, it makes me wonder why I carry on doing it…

So I won’t… we all want to earn while we sleep and passive income is not a myth but it’s not as easy as they say to succeed at doing, for me at least. So, why bother being unhappy trying?

Sod that…

I am making changes and cutting off doing more of the same, no more “new things” or ideas to think about doing…and work with what I already got going, see where it goes. 🙂

This blog is something I need to ramp up more now I have got “comfortable” with WPress, step it up a gear here with the time taken off doing the other crap which isn’t delivering for me.

Step it up a gear
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2 thoughts on “Step it up a gear

  • July 16, 2010 at 10:55 pm

    I think it’s important to get away from the computer, esp. when one is working to implement a long-term strategy that doesn’t have immediate results. In fact, I can say the last two weeks I’ve watched traffic decrease as I’ve commented more, promoted others more, thought harder about keywords and bounce rate and the like.

    Which reminds me… I really should go for a walk myself.
    ashok´s last blog post ..Jane Kenyon- “The Blue Bowl”


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