Gunsight! 😉

We all have our crosses to bear, those who let them go are the smart ones, the better people for it.

Nothing can bother you unless you let it, I see angry people reacting to things out of their control, in fact the only thing they can control is that reaction.

Gotta let things go and stop whining. . .

Those who can’t let go are imprisoning themselves within… not a good thing, something eating you up is never good for you, something jealousy and hate can do to you at times.

behind bars
I'm outside!! 😛

No thanks… avoid at all cost!

I see anger and frustration online with some people, sadly, though nothing being said will change things, I tried at times.

Shame to see anger and crap eat away at them, slowly but surely. We are our own worse enemies.

Only they can do anything about it, if they decide to and it is down to them and it’s nothing more than having to…

Change the attitude and change the result.


Just as anywhere with human nature, there is a fair share of it in the blogoshpere, bloggers bitching about one another over what looks (to me) meaningless, nothing to be getting bothered about, in my view some of it seems so childish.

Just a little while ago today I saw a blogger share another bloggers post in Google Reader with an added note saying they “hate that person” … which begs the question, why are they sharing their stuff and helping their marketing efforts?

Odd! 😛

Share my stuff whether you like or hate me, I don’t care… as long as it gets shared 😆 then all’s good.

The effects are often wider than anticipated, by that I mean people don’t consider how some people will see things and react accordingly, a good example is when a well known “blogger and marketer” threatens to sue another blogger in the very comments of their blog in a childish bullying nature… you only have to watch the comments posted after that by others to see what I mean. 😉

Bad attitude cost you in the long run, everytime.

What’s worse is when you see a “supposedly” good community shit on one person because of money, lack of morals and ego, at least the truth will out.

Plenty of people asking what’s going on with this situation, the community site mentioned is crap, so I am not linking to it. 🙂  Check the comments on that post!

We are all working together, for and against, whether we like it or not. 😉

It’s all attention. People are paying attention too. Pay attention to other peoples attention and act accordingly, simple really, not easy all the time I agree.

What we are letting them pay attention to is what we have to think about, the attitude we give out effects the attitude they have about us, yet some people blindly do the most stupid things that will only screw them up.

Why? Is a good question… 🙂 You would have to ask them! 😆

Once tarnished, it’s hard to recover from it, I saw this very clearly many (about 6, 7) years ago with a marketer who screwed up in the biggest way they could. Long story short, they had the perfect online business set up in the right way in the right place at the right time… succeed? Yeah, he did, then ripped it all apart, even telling lies about being in hospital! Idiot! It could have set him up for life. Some of you may even know who I am talking about… if not, no matter.

It hurts you more than anyone

That is the overall truth isn’t it?

We all learn that along the way in life, in our own way, but we all learn the same thing. You only hurt yourself.

Letting go is a big thing and while it’s not easy it sure is worth it, how much better to feel without crap (self inflicted usually) eating away at you?

You don’t like someone or something, best to ignore it, them, as I do, writing and bitching about them gives them attention, and also affects the attitude that your readers see you, willing to risk that?

No point unless you can do it in a way that the readers attention doesn’t curdle about you. 😉

I mean, there is one person on bloggerluv I will never promote, help or anything of that nature, now, the reason is they were childishly bitching and trying to goad me into an argument on twitter… bring me to their level, of which I just ignored most of… now me telling you that is hopefully not likely to make you think less of me? Is it?

It might have, if I just bitched and slagged them off without saying anything else.  I didn’t just hate on them… they give me a reason to ignore them… and their immature ways. 😉

I don’t let that person bother me, I let go the instant it happened, made a decision to never bother with them again in any way… and it’s done. 🙂 So, they only hurt themselves 😆

Everyday I am learning more, just like you are but the things I am learning most are about me, the way I react, see things, my perception, after all, that’s all I can control 100%. 😀

How about you?

The cross you bear, or why are you angry?
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