A few interesting videos I’ve watched over the last week. I don’t look at tv but I do read alot and watch stuff I learn from. Could be motivational, self improvement, spiritual, or practical or just fun things.  🙂

Self improvement comes in so many forms. What aspects of ourselves are we trying to improve too? 

Five videos… 2 very different topics.

This fella, Gary I remember back in the day in 2004 when he was into blogging. Him and his brother, I was subscribed to their newsletter. Maybe I should have paid way more attention. Blogging was social media in those days. He is great at telling truths we can adapt in self improvement.

He went on to create (I remember the launch) Wine tv.

Here he share’s some great advice and truth on things social media. He wins. you may too… If you grasp it and run with it. Motivational that is!  🙂 

Another great one from Gary… and why we should live our truth. I like the way he tells it as it is. He does swear sometimes… but that’s Gary. He ain’t changed that much in that sense.

As as I have said before, with the internet we live forever. We ARE blessed to be the first generation alive to have that opportunity. What legacy are you leaving behind?

Be your truth… share that… 

On the flip side…

Social media as used by consumers, that’s most of us… we are just consuming the content on social media… is actually bad for us, it will kill concentration over the long term.

So, what’s it like to live without it?

This guy lives without it. Never had a social media account… and here he is being shared on social media. 😉 The irony. 😆 

Fascinating and one thing we should be thinking about. I mean if you’re only a consumer, maybe using it less will make a big difference to you. It has me. It always did for me. I use it as a platform to share what content I have.

Not just add content to it. A difference. 🙂 

These two are completely different… but they both resonated with me.

But she is also living her truth. Sharing it too. 

I stumbled on a video of the lovely Teal from going down some r**bit hole (we don’t say that animals name here on Portland) which led to more… and I found alot of what she talks of, she talks of in a way it just clicks. You know it’s just truth. 

We all have that parallel reality. It’s just something our brain does. Thing’s shape us and our perspective is always real, from our perspective. 

The best thing you can do is accept another’s perspective in order to for it to become less real for them. It make’s sense the way she explains it. It’s a truth.

This one below… sort of caught my eye… just simply because the headline is truth, even if you don’t believe in “God” per se… you do believe as I do in source. Source of conscienceness. Source of energy.

You are source. Integrated.

What did you think of any or all of them?

Anything interesting you watched recently?

There are some fantastic talks on TED on youtube

Stop lying to yourself and be your truth
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