In stormy times you need something to tie you down … 😉

We all have that something we do that grounds us, makes us feel comfortable, safer, less stressed and that thing’s different for all of us, depending if it’s a mental or physical thing, or both.

Many like to hit a gym, or run, or box or something of that nature. Many like to read books or write a diary or similar. Some may do two different things at the same time for both mind and body. I know of someone who runs while listening to empowering audio books. 🙂

Me …

For me it’s just banging out words as it helps focus the mind on the task in hand and stops me thinking of whatever is bothering me… well that’s the theory.  😉

Till I start writing about what is bothering me. 😆 Poetry comes from that too! Which I just post to Instagram mainly.  😉

So I have been writing some pages for this site which you see at the top along the bar, or if on mobile the three dashes … also been writing a couple of short books, I hope to get them finished asap and I’m writing for this. Phew… 😉

I have a few ideas to jump into and that means building a new blog as well which is good to get me right back into it and could be live study type thing I can write about as I go along.   🙂

Setting up my phone to post directly to this blog is on the to do list and I need to do that asap really, I also needed to get a few photos taken I want to add to this blog but needed someone to help, I had a hand lined to help but was let down there, so I will sort that. 🙂

I also have lots of other photo ideas to go with post ideas I must get sorted out fast.

It’s all go…

What about you? 😉

The stress buster, for me at least …
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