I don’t like to take myself too seriously.

How can I with that face?! πŸ˜‰

But sometimes you have take some things serious, like the dreams I had, I knew lessons were there somewhere, it was telling me something. Something important. Just didn’t know what. The lesson at 9 was the start of it.

Then I had this most strange dream yet and it seemed very clear to me what it meant, what it was telling me. As I said in the last post regarding this situation it would be hard to explain this strange dream clearly.

I will try though. . .

The first night it happened it was really hazy and I couldn’t make sense of it, the second time, it was so vivid I don’t think I’ll forget it.

It may all mean something different to you, no idea but I can only describe it how I saw it and what it made me feel, however odd it was.

Strong bonds

I personally thinkΒ  we are all connected in ways we don’t realise , but this was a slightly different way I saw it and it was more related to those in your life that are important. . . People that are connected to us in different ways, family, partners, friends, etc. . .

You see, when I started to see the dream during the day after I had them, while I was processing it in my own mind, I realised it had a deeper meaning than I first thought.

Far deeper.

So, the first thing I noticed was the darkness, then light seemingly coming towards me from below… I could see almost a spider web shaped light coming at me fast, scared me at first, then I realised it was there, just below me, getting clearer and it wasn’t a web, it was just shaped that way.

It was odd, like lines of people, lines of light people shooting outwards from me, lots of them all around me, hundreds of them and cords between the lines, so a slightly spiderweb shape.

Then it got clearer and I saw it was all DNA shaped lines going outwards, and as it become clearer, the people started to become clear.

They were people in my life, people who mean something to me, parents, bros, sons, other family members, lovers, close friends etc…

Imagine these lines of DNA shape and let’s pick one line, my mum, the most important lady in my life… so this line that radiated outwards, imaging me stood next to my mum, holding hands and that’s how I first saw it, till the next twist in the DNA shaped strand,Β  and it showed my mum as a child, me as the adult… between each twist was a life line, so it was like, one lifetime, then another lifetime, then another, and the sizes of us kept changing. I was confused by it all… then suddenly it made sense.

Roles we play as souls

I saw my life now as my mum’s son, the next twist was like mum was my daughter, then the next twist was like we were same size, siblings?

I saw the same kind of thing with my brothers, my sons, my other family members, each strand like DNA shaped and changing sizes as each “life” went by….

There was a strand for all the important people in my life, what was also strange, these lines were different lengths…

Does that make sense so far? Or do I need to draw it?

I may well do a drawing of this sometime and add it to this post. πŸ˜‰

I took them to be soul life lines. We have multiple human experiences as souls, we mix with the same souls over and over again, in different roles. Lesson’s learnt in each role, lessons for our souls.

Vert strange. Very vivid. Very interesting. πŸ˜‰

So these lines got clearer and clearer over the couple of days after the dream, I was slowly making sense of it, then suddenly it hit me like a brick. . .

I felt like an old soul… oddly. Like something inside me knew all of this.

No one knows for sure about everything and anything, so I just take it as it comes to me.Β  I cant help the fact it sounds a little bonkers… so…

Don’t send the white coats round… please….

I already had one person ask if I was ok, yep, I’m fine… honest… I am just being straight and true about it, as I can only do that. πŸ˜‰

If I am ridiculed, that’s fine…. broad shoulders. πŸ˜‰

What are the lessons

That was the important bit, what are the lessons we are meant to learn through this human experience we are having right now, as this person known as Rob, what is it I need to learn as a soul.

I also realised being deaf was a part of that lesson for me, no idea why I just knew it was for a reason, I have yet to work it out, maybe I will never know. If I do then as long as I learn it before my life ends, it’s all good. πŸ˜‰

I realised certain people in my life had massive long soul lines with me, we are connected far more than we realise. A few of them surprised me, as it was not how I expected it be, lines you would expect to be huge, like those with family were not all always so long.

Yet others it was, for example my line with my best mate Martin, went on for as far as I could see, something keeps us connected for some reason. Kindred souls as they say, we gelled as soon as we met and have been best mates since, that was 28 years ago.

I had the same with a couple of people I have had relationships with, one was really interesting to me… they will remain unnamed and the same person was in a previous dream which was very telling. πŸ˜‰

The biggest thing I took away from it in that sense is there is some lesson for each of us and that is what we are to learn of. The other person is going to teach us something, we are going to teach them something.

What it is I have no real idea yet. I do have a suspicion with a couple, what the lessons are. I may well talk of it to them.

People matter

Not things, money, any thing like that, we all know this, it’s purely the people and experiences we have, the lessons we teach each other, sometimes painful ones, but lessons nevertheless.

The biggest lesson to me was we really don’t know much about ourselves do we, we just think we do. It seems odd but someone can point out something about us we would completely miss.

We are mirrors. Nothing less.

If we don’t look, we don’t see what we need to. πŸ˜‰

No point trying to understand others, we have to learn to understand ourselves. Understanding all of these dreams and what they are supposedΒ  to tell me was not easy, no idea if I am interpreting it right but it’s what my head come up with.

Any thoughts on this dream? Anyone had anything like that before?

Am I nuts… πŸ˜†

The web of strong bonds that bind us…
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