Stumbleupon DOES work and works very well for UNTARGETED traffic… Here is a snapshot I have done of this blogs traffic when it is stumbled. :o)

I have not worked out how to cut the the white space from the bottom of this using the paint program which I did this in, so if anyone can advise me there I would be grateful. :o)

As you can see over 600 hits to one post in one day, thank you stumblers, but each post that is stumbled gives an average of well over 200 hits in a day, JUST from stumbleupon that is.

I am very happy using stumbleupon, there it is, I USE it, not just join and hope!

Maki…of dosh dosh makes a great post on stumbleupon which you should check out, it’s explained better than I could do it. :o)

Another great bonus to being a stumbler is you get to find some great blogs and sites you would otherwise never see.

Stumbleupon is much better than people assume it to be.
It is not hard to use, it has a great community that is very diverse.

If you like to stumble this post, go ahead. ;o)
If you have yet to utilise stumbleupon get cracking as you will enjoy it as well as reap the benefit of traffic, but try and get it somewhat targeted.

It is I think the fastest way to drive traffic to a new blog.

“Stumbleupon stats”
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4 thoughts on ““Stumbleupon stats”

  • September 24, 2007 at 10:01 pm

    Stumble is a highly undervalued tool…though it’s getting less and less so!

    @Danny…the traffic you get from Stumble really depends on type of posts you have and also how active you are in the community 🙂

  • September 24, 2007 at 10:09 pm

    macewan Thanks for that tip. :o)

    Danny. had over 330 to this post alone today. ;o)

    As I said in the post and Dana say’s here…you need to be active and one tip is humour does well with stumblers. :o)


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