Super bloggers, those bloggers who regularly make money online and quite often large silly to comprehend amounts from only blogging.

There seems to be two types of these superbloggers.

One type is the well known A-listers you will have heard of, Chow, Rowse and such, these are fame bloggers, not my cup of tea to be honest but nevertheless they make big money online from blogging and from one or two blogs only, simply due to huge readership and that readership sharing their blogs so in turn also helping them build more readership.

The other type of superblogger is the multi-niche blogger, these bloggers will have lots, maybe hundreds of blogs but all earning smaller amounts, even if you only had 100 blogs yet they all created a daily income of a few dollars each…it mounts up to a good daily income.

These niche bloggers only need to create more blogs or increase their conversion of the current blogs to improve their make money online efforts.

Two sure ways to be a super blogger, both work but you have more chance of  succeeding by niche blogging.

Super blogger
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