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Making money online needs a recipe

Rainbows, beautiful things. You can make your own, but to sell them is lame! 😆 Seems to be popular though along with unicorns! I jest … for a change! 😆 Maybe not… 😉 How many times have you seen the hyped … Continue reading

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The Big G didn’t like me going missing, why adding content matters most

Seems google updated the PR (Google page rank) across sites and my main two here and the Portland Bill blog have been dropped a place, largely due to me not being so active the last two months or so, rather … Continue reading

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PR 4 and it means nowt, really… basic SEO is still basic SEO

Been some interesting posts going up recently, inevitable they would spring up as SEO is always written about, SEO never being a static entity and with the recent google PR update it mattered to most bloggers,  Kristi wrote a great post … Continue reading

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Should your posts be long or short?

For as long as people have created blogs, there has always been the debate about length of post, should it be long or short? The debate will always rage on, for as long as blogging exist, yet the key is … Continue reading

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Better content, more consistently … the real blogging secret.

I recently mentioned about the other ways to read this blog, utilising the blog feed which in some bloggers eyes is not the best move, arguing that they want eyeballs on the whole blog and not just the content, ie, … Continue reading

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Less is more

Just a quick post with a request for others to consider reading this blog in a different way, using the RSS feed either by email or the orange feed icon on the top right corner of the blog. If you … Continue reading

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