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Portland on Facebook…

Looking forward to days ending like this again. 🙂 Seem’s spring is not far off arriving, I have seen a few daffodils up but not yet open though, a bit chilly at the moment. Warmth soon be here! Always seems … Continue reading

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WordPress rocks, Facebook users and new post ideas…

I’ve been busy this last few days playing around with the both blogs, here and Portland Bill playing around behind the scenes (php is so… different to html) and getting stressed sorting out the integration of facebook to them. Having got there … Continue reading

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Facebook is trying, in both senses of the word

Facebook – love it or hate it, it’s not going anywhere… recently I’ve seen changes there which, it looks like their smart ex google and friendfeed teams ideas have been implemented, pop ups on hovering over names, better layout on … Continue reading

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While I like facebook, I am sick of the app spam crap…

I like Facebook, it’s been a great re-connector for old friends, with the walled garden privacy settings being one of the main reasons for it’s growth, which they are now trying to reverse without a care for the users, not surprising … Continue reading

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Facebook screwed up, what they SHOULD have done…

I’ve been a bit off with a cold the last week or so, although having stayed in the loop I think it’s been an interesting week or so with several things happening that caught my eye, mainly though was the … Continue reading

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Facebook, on the way to rivalling google!

There has been some interesting changes lately, namely facbook buying friendfeed, while also creating a new lite version of facebook, not yet rolled out to the masses but looking interesting though, from the screenshots I have seen it looks better … Continue reading

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