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Kajabi aka handing your business to Andy Jenkins on a plate

Kajabi!! OMG OMG… It’s live… yawn… Seriously!! Ok, well, I’ll say now, yes, you are right, I haven’t used, it, seen it, so shouldn’t say anything, cos it’s just opinion… of course, I haven’t seen it nor used it, nor will I … Continue reading

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Communities, beware of owner

Rules, live by your own … Recent events of hypocrisy and dishonesty from one community owner has given me something to think about. Communities don’t need or want certain sorts, yet they are run by those sorts, while trying to … Continue reading

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Make money online with words

Words sell! There is a reason copywriters are in demand within the Internet marketing arena, as part of their make money online endeavours. Not to say it’s all crap products, but let’s face it, how many of these products under-deliver? … Continue reading

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“You tell me, I’ll listen”

It’s been a real summer of reflection and change in some ways and they say people fear change, well I would like to embrace it for what it is, not least because the last 7 or 8 weeks has taught … Continue reading

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“Portland a 2012 bomb?”

Portland Bill a beautiful Island where I happen to live. ;o) I’d like it to stay this way long after 2012…not lost forever! Here we host part the 2012 Olympic games, the sailing events will be in Portland harbour, NOT … Continue reading

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“Almost there”

Funny thing life… Funny thing online life! Anyway I digress. A few things have happened and things look slightly up, not quite there, but the right direction, still here, with opportunities, time and effort to utilise. One step at a … Continue reading

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