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WordPress rocks, Facebook users and new post ideas…

I’ve been busy this last few days playing around with the both blogs, here and Portland Bill playing around behind the scenes (php is so… different to html) and getting stressed sorting out the integration of facebook to them. Having got there … Continue reading

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Change and resonating with readers…

I have been busting my nuts over what I should do with this blog, as you already know from a recent previous post I will have to get off FTP and with the benefit of the speed increase the happens … Continue reading

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Bloggers major overhaul and this blog

Change, something you may see here on this blog aver the next few weeks, not sure what the changes will be in detail yet but you will notice them as they happen so you won’t miss it. Feeling a little … Continue reading

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Make your blog your Fantasy Island

You get offered a chance to have an Island anywhere you want as your own for a year, you have the opportunity to live as you wish on your Fantasy Island as long as you blog about it. You can … Continue reading

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“This is why it won’t work for me goddamit”

An interesting conversation I had recently, I won’t say who with obviously or where, simply because it’s not relevant but what we discussed was. This reader of my blog, friend on social sites, and a real offline friend just emailed … Continue reading

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“Lucky YOU, the timing couldn’t be better”

Lucky you, possibly, possibly not, everything depends on YOU. ;o) If the media is anything to go by, the only way now for us should be down, with the doom and gloom spread daily the fear is creeping in, and … Continue reading

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