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Baby fed vultures, fat ladies feeding seagulls? WTF!

How much food did you waste this week? I saw a woman dump a BIN BAG of food in a skip! (Bloody seagulls though!!! They are out of hand! 🙁  ) Yet, we have it easy… until the food chain … Continue reading

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Humour, a funny thing…

A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say… But what about adding words as well … What a difference a few words can really make to a picture, it’s no wonder they get viral quickly and easily … … Continue reading

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Attraction factor and Missy magic…

Well… had an interesting idea for a post from my friend Missy… My next secratary… 😆 Now I have to get some crappy work in order to justify that! 😛 Anyway… Missy… Ya famous now! 😉 Full of ideas, nuttiness… … Continue reading

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Are you being served? Need feeding?

Wrapped up and overloaded… I see blogs like this, smothered by the social media around it, I see tweet mentions, friendfeed comments and the like drowning out the blogs comments on post, do I bother scrolling down past that lot … Continue reading

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Diversify traffic or stall

Traffic, in the world online is nothing minor… it’s the lifeblood of getting somewhere, without it we got nothing, just blogs no-one reads. Traffic, yeah something we all have to deal with, online and offline! 😆 Another reason I added … Continue reading

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The cross you bear, or why are you angry?

We all have our crosses to bear, those who let them go are the smart ones, the better people for it. Nothing can bother you unless you let it, I see angry people reacting to things out of their control, … Continue reading

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