Seems Alice Seba has chased tagged me with the lastest blog tag doing the rounds..

Thanks Alice. :o)

So.. what is this tag about?

Why do I blog?

I blog mainly because it is a great way to share my thoughts and opinions on lots of things and topics I am interested in.
In many ways it can be a great release on things that occupy your thoughts, once blogged about it can be so easy to let it go and move on to other things.

I also blog because I LOVE it! ;o)

Blogging is a great platform for sharing in real time and often blogs can be the first place you hear news about something of interest.

Blogging is also a good mental escape which is one reason I read blogs, it is always great to read varying opinions on a topic, after all its the contrast of opinions that makes things interesting.
If we were all the same wouldn’t it be boring?

A blog is a reflection of yourself.

The top 3 blogs I read.

That’s an interesting question which I am struggling to narrow down, as there are some great blogs out there.
Seems a hard choice to make, yet as Alice points out it can change from one week to the next.

So I will choose those which I check out first when doing the round’s so to speak, in no paticular order the 3 I pick are….

1. Lynn Terry’s clicknewz.. I agree with Alice… getting lazy Lynn.. JOKE! ;o)

2. Paul Short.. Now I am glad he is back to blogging more frequently, got his arse in gear! ;o)

3. Seth Godin.. The man has a unique way of looking at marketing and I never know what to expect from his post, except to be suprised! :o)

These 3 blogs I do 100% recommend you add to your blog reading list… as well as keep reading mine of course!

Now I have to tag 5 here goes.

1. Martin Avis

2. Jason Lewis

3. Brian Clark

4. John Carlton

5. Jason Moffatt

Tagged…. and why I read blogs!
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