“Taken for granted?”

Interesting time today and this is a first for me yet it was so nice.

Many of you are well aware I am deaf so unable to use a phone, this itself can be very frustrating at times, like the fact I can’t ring my boys up and say “Hiya mate”, today that all changed!

What..?? Do my ears work ok now?!

NO>. but as you know with a PC you can use messenger…many of you use it yet do you take the level of contact you have for granted?

I just got off msn where I was talking to my eldest, he is 14 now, I have never been able to have a conversation with my sons without them actually being here, or me there.

But wow…. what a beautiful thing, being able to message him and say…
“Hiya mate, good day at school? Is all ok, your brother ok?”

“Yeah dad, you ok? Can I stay at a mates on Saturday?”…. “yeah course you can son”.

I KNOW you all take it for granted, just as all do with many things.

This was a great heart warming moment for me, I also look forward to “talking” with my youngest too, who is 12.
I always said this was like a phone to me and that’s ONE reason I use forums alot.
But my sons never had a PC at home so this is great.

I love it, just the fact I can say hi… to many of you it’s nothing special.

To me…it’s a life changing thing.

Take care,

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2 Responses to “Taken for granted?”

  1. Rob – that is totally awesome!! 🙂

    And you do remind me that I shouldn’t take stuff for granted – thank you!

  2. Rob says:

    Yeah it brought a tear or two to my eye yet you know, of elation, it was amazing…

    Need I honestly say more?



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