Having a bit of a chain reaction at the moment and making the most of it, that is one thing is nicely leading onto another…

In the last post regarding the system my friend created I also mentioned the private blog to go with it, which is up and I have already started posting to it and it’s fired me up a bit, lead to a couple of very late nights and something I was starting to do less of, but it was worth it!

Originally I considered it to be a good addition and somewhere those who grab the system could ask questions, get some opinions, share thoughts, tips, what is learnt along the way and yet I thought I’d do something a little different too, I decided to use the system from scratch and document it on the private blog to share with the readers, warts and all!

But you can’t follow along unless you take action.

So I got cracking with it and started the blog and used a few of the videos, tools, sites for researching etc to find a new topic, niche.

Didn’t take long to get some ideas.
I even underestimated a few things myself, easy to overcomplicate things as I’ve said before.
KISS ~ keep it stupid simple, as they say, or when talking to yourself, keep it simple stupid! (working for me!)

Are you along for the ride?

Taking action, hard yet without it there are no rewards
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