“Thanks stumblers, for showing me”

Some fantastic pictures, blogs and more.

Stumbleupon is a fail great, I liked using it and THAT is where it became good, when you used it. ;o)


Too many people sign up to this or that and just expect results, yet stumbleupon works for those who at least try it the way it should be used. Update…but they ban you without explanation!

Not only have stumblers given me some good visits stats, they have shared some great stuff that I would otherwise NEVER have found.

The name says it all, use it and stumbleupon some stuff.

The important part is to be active, review things well, post in the right categories and give a thumbs up! ;o)

Thanks stumblers..

Like this post? Stumble it. ;o)

Or feeling generous? ;o)

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6 Responses to “Thanks stumblers, for showing me”

  1. Lady Banana says:

    You’ve been Stumbled!

  2. Rob says:

    Thanks. :o)

  3. Michael says:

    Also have I stumbled you. Thanks a lot for the visit too!

  4. IndoConsoles says:

    Also stumbled you too.

  5. Vinni says:

    we needed this some time back!

  6. frisky says:

    Nice post, Thumbs up 😉

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