Just a shortish update on the battle with the baccy, which is still raging, I am annoyed with myself for not yet stopping smoking, this last few weeks have been a nightmare with it, though I have made some progress because I have cut right down, stopped smoking in the home apart from the kitchen, so the place smells better, feels better.

Just need to now stop in the home altogether, meaning other people too, soon as I stop, they do!

But, while I have made progress, it’s that last bloody stretch that’s driving me nuts.

I don’t wanna have to start using alternative methods which while they may work, it’s not really for me, there are many different ones, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to be putting focus on smoking, alternative or not…

I mean, instead or a real ciggy, use a false one

I don’t want to be faking it, really!

Can’t see myself being comfortable doing that and even if so, how long do you walk around using that for?

Just gotta stop!!

Not create an alternative to it, replacing bad habits with good ones is fine, what habit really makes a good one to replace smoking the poisoning ourselves with that crap, as in the most likely to get into fast?

Saying, eat fruit, or whatever is fine… but it doesn’t stop the baccy craving, or stop you sticking a smoke in ya mouth, which we can seem to do without even realising it…that’s a habit alright!

I think I will have to get nicotine patches, at least to stop that craving, the other part, stopping times and situations where I usually smoke, is another awkward one, will have to do it.

I owe it to my kids and myself to stop this shit, and NOW!

So, that’s the next thing for me really in the damn battle I will win… nicotine patches…change my situations where I tend to light up, though I have been cutting it right down to the few or even two a day on good ones, it’s that last bit I am struggling with.

This week I’d like to stop altogether…let’s see if I can do that!

The final hurdle seems to be the hardest too…
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