Today’s gratitude : The weather, the ability to ride this thing. Bumping into someone I didn’t expect to bump into, being alive and seeing that sunset tonight! 🙂 

Just posting a picture of my lovely bike and Portland doesn’t cut it when it comes to giving value to you, the reader. I know. It’s a good picture though.


Eh? You missed that sunset? 

Ok first…  look at this amazing sunset here we had tonight. 🙂

                                           Chesil beach Portland

Fantastic right? Lucky us being here.

Where were we? Something relevant…

I was talking to a friend earlier who I think should be doing something online. He has never really been into any of it, he used to read a few blogs, even comment on the ones in sport and uses Facebook etc. That’s pretty much it though. Just a TV watcher! 

The reason I think he should be doing something is because he remembers stats and stuff about certain sports like football like no one else I know. He follows almost any and every sport though, especially on the TV. His knowledge as a couch viewer is pretty very broad and he can talk about it all day if you let him!

I tell him he only has to do a simple thing. Record it! Document it. Share it. 

But he says… 

Isn’t social media dying off?  What about blogging?  Why are you still doing that?

Me : Ouch…. 😮 😆 

It’s all dying

Really it’s just evolving, and fast. Social media as a thing doesn’t exist, it’s just a term. Blogging, email, video, podcast, all social, all media, all social media. 🙂

Platforms, tools, to use. The use of them is just coined “social media”… 

Being successful or happy in whatever form from 2018 onward, I think, is going to depend on three big things. The same big things it’s always been. 

Being authentic

That’s pretty big, being yourself should be. The thing is you can share whatever it is you should be sharing with the world in the best format that suits you.

You don’t have to use video, or write. You do it to whatever strengths you have right? 

Just being real, authentic, is going to make the difference. Doesn’t matter how you share it. Just be real about it. You are the only you. Own it!

Being authentic is the truth to being happy. That is being 100% honest to self. 🙂

Be where you need to be

Don’t just stick to one platform, test them all and use the best ones for what you are doing. Don’t be afraid to stop using what doesn’t help much. Some do get attached to where they are.

Gotta go with what works. Where they are. If one thing works great go all in on that one thing. Till it doesn’t work anymore. 

People move, move with them. 

Same as being happy, it’s a state of mind, that’s where you need to be. 😉 

Have a voice

It’s not what you say but how you say it. Truth in that. 

Whether written or spoken, the way you say what you say counts, nothing in the world is new, even what you hear, it’s just told in a different way. Right? 

So, you can share your message because you will tell it in a way no one else would.

Whether it’s enough to capture eyes or ears is another story. 😉

You already do what would you need to succeed or be happy. The definition of both being whatever you see it as. 

Just takes a twist to what you already do. That is… documenting it and getting it out there.

My mate should be dong videos (youtube) and sharing them in a Facebook status but with a twist by using the Facebook status as a “blog” adding his videos and going to sport related groups and such. Getting followers and enjoying it.

What about you?

What’s the best way to share what you need to be sharing with the world? 🙂

The internet is dying?
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