Well it has been an interesting few days for me, as you know from a previous post I have been feeling a little “lost” and yes the midlife crisis really did cross my mind! I felt like I had really come to what the picture shows… a dead end. 

So I am typing this without really thinking about it to much, I wasn’t going to write this but after the last two days events felt it best I should… I am not sure of how I can explain it or work it out, but I will try, so you will have to forgive anything that sounds confusing or crazy… ;o) 

Comments are welcome… I am just going to be true to myself and stick to that, it may get long, may not….

It has been going on for a few weeks really, but thinking about it now and looking back all I see is synchronicity. It had me explaining that word and meaning to my youngest which he found intriguing. Even while explaining it to him I found myself noticing other moments of which I had which I realised were synchronicitic too. Some of my friends on facebook will have seen some of this happen over the last few weeks via some of the links and conversations we have had there.

Friday I really decluttered my home to the point that on friday night when my youngest got here he thought I had an emptyish living room! 

Felt good to get cleared out, it helped clear my mind a little, as they say it is all in the mind and the “outside” is a reflection of the “within” so my need to clear the mind started me off decluttering within and lead to me decluttering the “out” which was not planned on friday, just felt had to do it so did it. Am I glad I did.

Just the notion of doing that and letting it go set me free of the messy thoughts and confusion enough to make more sense of it all, to put it all in perspective so to speak. 

My youngest wanted to go home saturday early evening so he could go out on sunday with mum, her fella and their little son, my eldest as ever out with mates or his girlfriend! (young love eh). So I had an easy relaxing saturday night, sunday was spent lazing about as well as going out for a walkabout with my dutiful obedient camera. ;o)

But before I get to the odd events of this last weekend…

On facebook about two weeks ago now I shared on there an ebook link which I stumbled onto, no idea how I found it, I just clicked a link somewhere and was on page one of the book and started reading it…I never stopped until it was finished. When I looked at who wrote it I was surprised to see it mirrored the same thing which happened in 96 or 97..with the same author, in much the same way, ie..I stumbled onto them both unknowingly and unintentionally and just read them.

The first time in 96, 97, (not sure what year it was) I read a paperback, no idea where it came from, what it was called, where it went, nothing, I all I remember is reading it and thinking, wow, what? I never saw that book again!

While I read that and took it on board, enough to make my own conclusions but not dwell on it, I had life to deal with having two young sons at this time so I soon thought no more of it. Until the ebook reminded me of it more than ten years later!

Funnily enough, on the facebook post where I shared this, I mentioned that since I finished the ebook I had a humming in my head, now I already have tinnitus but it’s was slightly different to that and felt warmer, nicer, calmer, more of a buzz than anything…my friends there would testify to me saying this, remember this was a few weeks ago too and it had not stopped for a few days after I mentioned it, so in all about 6 days I had that warm humming feeling.

I missed it the second day after it stopped to be honest lol…  :o)

Then the weekend before this last one, me and my youngest were bored on the saturday night, so we decided to watch a dvd and we chose “The matrix”, which we had seen before but not together, so glad we did as so many questions for each of us were answered, by explaining points to my youngest I was also learning far more of the bigger picture of the reality we live.

Matrix = system. My sons knows what “I” mean by the system…

Our system to me is law, religion, education, politics, global businesses, mainstream media, all under the power and influence of Freemason societies. (not machines in the metal sense as on matrix, machines as in power and control sense)

By the end of the film which also explains very clearly the core of the content of the two books I read as mentioned earlier my youngest said…

“So are we all Neo?”  BINGO!  I was pleased to hear that I tell you. :o)

Now if only more of us knew of this sort of thing at 14, 15 years old and that’s 20 years ago or more for many of us.  :o)

After that weekend I was “chatting” via email to one of my mates who I respect hugely and trust, I listen to what he says every time because he tells it as it is and spots things I miss, and I think likewise he also knows I will tell it as it is but more often than not we agree. ;o)

In the general “hows things?” conversation I mentioned what me and my youngest had been watching and we chatted some about the bigger picture and he said something which struck me.  

You know I haven’t watched the matrix yet. I guess I’m anti Hollywood. I must watch it some day. Good to hear you are sharing those type of things with your son.

I’m currently reading Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged which is different, but similar. It’s a big book!

In that ebook I read which I mentioned earlier (also a few weeks before this email remember), there is a mention of the book “Atlas shrugged”… not only that, the book I read over ten years ago has all the old names mentioned in the matrix, they are again mentioned in the ebook I read a few weeks ago.

My mate than said something in reference to a comment I made about all this swineflu hoopla… which I agree 100% with…yet is also says alot about how the system works with mass fear and mass manipulation…

Swine flu? Pah. Storm in a teacup. not worth worrying about unless it starts threatening us. But whatever you perceive it to be (Personally I go with the conspiracy theory – man-made virus (that is never going to do any real damage) foisted on poor Mexicans in order to make all the lemmings shit themselves so they forget about the henious financial crimes recently and currently committed against taxpayers) there are bound to be lessons for us to learn.

Sadly, the main lesson I have learnt is that –

The more you study marketing/persuasion/psychology – you might get wealthy from it, but it will make you feel very alone amongst the human race because 90% plus of people are living in a dream world and are so easily influenced by bullshit and fear that they are manipulated EVERY step of the way…that TV thing is really dangerous…I hope this comes across the right way, but perhaps this is one way that you can view your bad fortune as good fortune – meaning – you might be less inclined to sit in front of a TV if you can’t hear it.

I don’t know – perhaps you will tell me different? But you’re definitely not one of those typical lemmings. And the WORST part of it is that there is NO reasoning with them.

TV is the systems best tool….why I never watch it ;o)

Mass mind control in plain sight….they don’t see it, it is hidden in plain sight…that description fits perfect!

Sadly most people are forced into a narrow-mindedness they don’t even know they have, live with, think with. They literally DON’T think…

The powers that be are aware that people are happy for others to do their ‘thinking’ for them, so that they can repeat it like parrots while claiming ownership of the thoughts.

Just by reading something and thinking it you give it power, reality, by expanding on it by way of commenting with others etc, you further strengthen that thoughts transformation into reality, group thoughts project more of the reality…mass panic!

That is why the Internet is so powerful for you and me… it is a platform “they” have no control over, they cannot censor everyone sharing what they feel needs to be shared.

They also use this platform to manipulate, or at least they try, but the reality is YOU chose what you look at online everytime you look, providing you think for yourself that is ;o)

But he is right, start to think for yourself and see the bigger picture and you can find it a slightly lonely place. The Internet is the thing helping us to connect to others who think for themselves.

Then this last weekend a few odd things happened admittedly both of which stopped me in my tracks really, for a while anyway.

On twitter if anyone post something with your username ie mine is @robsellen it will show up in your replies tab for you to see regardless whether you follow the person or they follow you.

One such tweet sprung into my replies tab asking if I was there as you can see, from a famously known psychic person too, so I did reply to him and a few tweets were posted which were interesting as you can see here and here and he openly asked for my blog link after someone mentioned it, so he hadn’t yet read it or anything.

So anyway, he went and had a look at the blog then posted a tweet saying it was falling into place. Well according to another psychic mercury has something to do with it too. 

So what do I make of all this and what lessons are there for us?

Now as my mate mention studying marketing/persuasion/psychology earlier I of course will think, in some terms, of this way relating to all of this, I mean, Russell knows I will think for myself, so remembering there is a marketer in all of us, including Russell it would be easy to say..”ah well, he could have checked my twitter out etc and decided to do this”… maybe so, maybe not.

I don’t think so, I think all this is genuinely connected.

I have not yet mentioned the ebook or author, I would like to know what you think about all this before doing so, maybe I will do that in the next post ;o)

What to make of that I am still wondering, but as Russell said…

“mine is not a reason to wonder”.

Any thoughts on this?

The invisible thread?
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