I have been musing over a few things the last few days, well over the last month you will have seen I have not posted as often as normal yet the traffic still comes in daily, thanks to you for that and welcome…as most of those are new readers.

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So, while I had not posted so often here lately I have been doing a few other things which I need to do, badly.

I did delete some blogs a few weeks ago, ones that weren’t doing much and refocused on doing better newer ones that had a focus, a market, a chance!

Don’t get me wrong this blog you are reading is just a personal blog, nothing I set out to monetise, or any other real plan, maybe that itself was a bad move, but I also have the benefit of not having to conform to any rules, time schedule, something I feel is the downside to writing for a corporate style blog etc… it more of a job then.

But I do have plans to make changes on this blog and pretty soon.

My second main blog (ages ago!) was focused on Internet marketing itself, well, my path with it and it’s not something I wanted to carry on with at that time, I felt jaded by all the hype and bullshit after 18 months or so.

And yet…

It is pretty hard to escape the internet marketing mindset, not that bad a thing really as it is part of what you need, you can’t just have a bloggers mindset if part of the aim is to at least get some monetisation or similar, it won’t work but the label internet marketer as people often perceive it as like an online car salesmen and I think it’s a shitty image that’s wrong.

People wouldn’t say the two google guys are like that and yet, there they are… at the top of that tree.

Labels, who needs em?

Never been keen on them and yet here I am, labelling with crap like social media, which is just bullshit anyway, the internet is social media, much like internet marketer, we are all marketers online…online being the… internet!

The reality is if you tweet a link on twitter, share a link of facebook, write and share a blog, whatever, you are an internet marketer.

Yet, we are using shallow buzzwords, why?

No damn idea, other than it sounds good or the herd is doing it.
There is no social media… the internet is the media, YOU are the media

I digress, funny thing, I hated computers at school… wouldn’t touch one for years after school, no interest…but then would you blame me when I left in 88… and the pc’s were crap then, compared to any of the ones since 2000 and for work I was carving stone anyway.

The internet changed all that forever for all of us, it is solely the fact you can connect to any and everywhere else in the world that changed it but it was actually internet marketing that grabbed me when I first got online and why was that?

Because I knew that the stone trade was never going to be enough, to make me happy or indeed be a healthy work life, that stone dust and the vibrating tools are a nightmare!

Also, I didn’t like the fact Portland is fast disappearing and I am by proxy contributing to that, there isn’t enough and it’s precious yet it gets slabbed to easy…hardly any carving involved!

The other thing…I would always have to bash a mallet and chisel, getting a wage or even if working for myself it would always be, I need to carve something to sell in order to “get money”…

That means there is no real residual income or opportunities…unless running a company and that is not cheap or easy, not to mention the big boys squeeze you out easily, even if unintended, (who knows?) you can’t compete when they own any stone you need.

So, that got me thinking when I first got online and it lead to a funny ride that I am still treading.

This is the time, it matters, the internet in a sense is growing up and we should grow up with it ;o)

That’s partly why the recent FTC changes will only clean up the perception of the internet marketer too… the label is bound to remain…silly but labels we do use whether we like it or not.

It will stop all the stupid over-hype-and-car-salesmen like style, you know the ones, “make £40,000 a month with whatever shit product I got” while showing a picture of them posing next to some car or mansion (easy to fake no doubt) and hyping crap on their pages with fake testimonials.

Laid it on thick, only for the buyers to find they bought a pipe dream, or crap software which was useless at best, illegal at worse.

The FTC has saved so many newbies, noobs, whatever you “label” them from being deceived into actually making the over-hypers dream come true… ie, paying for them to get that car, house, with money for nothing but crap!

That fake-it-till-you-make-it crowd are dotted around the internet aplenty… and their time is really up.

Which is good news for the rest of us, I called 2009 the year of newbies, mainly because I felt with the economy as unstable as it was at the time, it made sense with job losses people, (often new people) would start looking for  really different alternatives, and where else but the internet will they look?

Now I feel in a way 2010 will be, partly, the year the honest internet marketers will stand out, the ones who deliver on their made promises, while not making false promises and yet they also don’t see themselves as internet marketers the way internet marketers currently do.

The term internet marketers has in a sense been hijacked by those who sell to other internet marketers if that makes sense?
It’s a cess pool of pals posting each others crap, getting labelled (that again!) Gurus and becoming a name in that small circle, or bubble to be more precise, a bubble that needs popping.

The decent ones will stand out from that bubble, people will not notice the bubble as it slowly deflates and it will deflate.

People will notice these decent internet marketers if only because alot of it will be cleaned up, thanks to the FTC weeding out the hype-at-all-cost-then-underdeliver types.

It makes me wonder, do we need to redefine the term internet marketer?

Or will it just become a common verb like an ebayer?

Thus without the stigma attached due to the over-hype-cos-I-am-desperate-for-sales types.

I mean, if it doesn’t stop the stigma, who is going to say “I am an internet marketer” when describing what you do?

It had in a way fired me up again, after all internet marketing is all about results, believe it or not some results give you a buzz, depends on what it is but it can certainly be said, it’s a real buzz.

To that end the last few weeks have seen me diving into using what I know better, see I have really done anywhere as well as I felt I should have, nothing to shout about and that itself bothers me now more than ever.

Why? … Because it’s my own fault.

So, to that end while I can understand blogging itself is great, blogging for bloggings sake is not, unless it really is a side hobby or such, even like a diary style thing which was as they started, I don’t take the altruistic view of blogging as some do, pure blogging as they say.

To me and it’s taken some failures and misses to realise, it is all just a tool, a platform, just as the internet itself is, a tool to get some end result, whatever that maybe.

So it got me thinking alot about it and what I should do, also with a good friends words ringing in my ears, “eve
ry word should count to something, if it’s monetising them, every word is monetisable” and I am thinking yes, they should be.

Which is why I have been using the system and also putting into practice far more of what I do know than previously, and in the right places because I have gone about it the right way, instead of piss-fart-arsing about, (as my dear mum used to say) IE…not treating it serious enough.

That for me is the biggest change over the last few months, I have started to think about it far more and taking it more seriously, making it matter, which is partly why 2010 does excite me, because if I take it more seriously I can only do much better than previously.

Doing what I should, putting the right effort into it and getting results I want, need.

But it will likely lead to changes that are noticeable by you too, this blog for one will be sorted out, improved, tidied up and possibly re-themed for a new look.

It will also lead to changes on how I use twitter and other places like that.
All in all it’s good, the time is now to make things work, they weren’t working as well as I would have liked, so change is all that will make a difference.

So, having in some sense started to consider the fact I should make every bit of writing matter, create some result, I now realise this blog itself as part of the obvious “I write it” category should crate a result of some sort, every post, so…

If you thought of anything like trying to do something like internet marketing, you could follow the system yourself and see where it may lead you, you never know you may find something that just hits the spot, the right niche, topic, etc may be all yours to make the most of, once at that point it’s just a case of writing something to monetise, getting it online, getting it noticed… ok there is more to it than that, but damn good place to start.

If there is one tip I’d say to anyone, it’s be yourself, don’t follow others blindly and what you actually act on is what you will learn from the most, don’t over-analyse, act fast and fail fast in order to keep progressing and don’t let yourself become jaded.

Time to take this seriously and sticking my marketing hat on tight while doing what it entails, that is shown above ;o)

Monetary Disclaimer: The links above are 100% to me, IE. you buy, I get the money, BUT then… you also get the opportunity to share these and get 100% too.  Use them right and it pay’s for itself, right? :o)

The meandering path of the Internet marketer and where it’s leading me…
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