Colourful portland garden
Sweet! πŸ™‚ A splash of colour changes everything...

I have been out and about making the most of the good weather and taking some nice photos, mainly for the Portland Bill site and a few for here. πŸ˜‰

I mentioned recently about the aim to grow that Portland site and monetise it too, also about whether to share how I aim to do all that and why openly on here in post, or on private post here set up for members only.

Still undecided on that to be honest, as I am not yet getting right into sharing the real meat of it, I can at least share something about my thought process for it all and some ideas of what I need to do in order to get this moving the right way and maybe some other things I have noticed.

Just for now, I’ll start with a few basic things I need to outline and where I go from here with that site…

Portland Bill and what I need to do

After all if Β you don’t know the end goal we don’t see how I Β get there or how whatever I do fits in with that.

So, let’s get the end goal out of the way… so you see my long term aim with it.

Overall the main goal is to get this site generating a residual income, that is passive income, however small if it’s a regular and hands off income, that is great… if you press me for a number I’d say Β£200 a month from this one site would be nice and a good place to grow from, is it that hard? πŸ˜‰

There are only a few ways to do that for me really, I may well have to try them all in order to know what’s best for all concerned… but the main three are…

  • Sell advertising space
  • Sell some sort of product (own or affiliate)
  • Generate direct leads for others

They all have pros and cons which will need weighing up and testing out for the best results overall, I may do one, a mix or something depending on how it all works out, but they all also depend on one core thing, that is… visitors!

It’s the visitors who are one side of the value bargain, the advertisers the other, I am simply the middleman! πŸ˜‰

My only real job is to create the content that interests the reader, content that keeps them coming back, interacting with it, sharing it and possibly leading them, or others to any advertiser.

My main “need to do” is to post more quality content, more often and stick to it.

The advertiser only cares for clicks at best, eyeballs at worse.

Portland Bill traffic, the key for value and the end result

So my first task is to really work out where and how to build the traffic up on the site, which at the moment is steadily increasing daily again after a small dip for a month or two, that’s due to me being busy sorting this blog’s move to WPress among other things, the recent increase is due to some recent changes here and the added facebook fan community page, Ill get that back to the regular 100 – 130 a day again soon enough, then grow it more!

Not big traffic I agree, but a steady regular flow and more importantly is the fact people spend an overall average of 13 mins on the site, pretty good that is and I don’t need massive traffic, I need highly targeted traffic!

The main thing is that it’s all targeted traffic, most of the blog visitors are local people, or ex local people…. with a few potential future visitors thrown in!

The recent interaction on there has increased due to adding the new comment platform, with the added facebook log in that has made it easier for the facebook users to make that jump from reader to commenter and contributor.

Portland Bill’s on site SEO and off site SEO

Website owners and bloggers know what I mean, for those who don’t on site SEO is basic Search Engine optimising on the actual site itself, that is, links, keywords, formatting and so on, improving the site itself.

Off site SEO is taking into consideration the various methods like articles, blog guest posting, using forums, blog commenting, other websites linking back to it, and so on…

I will be using the Portland Bill keyword more when I comment on other blogs too as they are anchored links.

Keywords and search terms will play an important role for me with this, but it is not the main aim as I still want the blog to “read” better for the readers.

One thing I have noticed is backlinks from here count for nothing!

No good using links from your own sites unless it’s for the benefit to the reader like I have here with this post, because no “weight” is passed (blog owners know what I mean, it only applies to them) …

That means I need to continue building up anchored backlinks like Portland Bill from elsewhere, I don’t think I even need that many to make the difference in the blog’s search ranking…

Back-linking tips I will take on board, tips to get that passive income online coming in and I’ll also be getting some make money online advice, that is making money online advice from a bear! πŸ˜‰

Ok that is a big fat hint at them owners for a Portland bill backlink from somewhere they know will help me! πŸ˜€

They are the basic things to deal with for me at the moment, I have to continue creating decent content, post it more often and regular intervals and I have some good post to do with some great pics too so that’s ok.

Keep building the traffic and interaction on the site and start getting plans in action for the next stage of growth.

How can you reader help me with that, if you wanted to?

I would be grateful for any help from you readers no matter how small and some things you could do are…

  • Comment often on the site, using your facebook log in if you are unsure about it all, it’s one click, done.
  • Share the post, either using the “share” button under the post to your chosen place, facebook twitter etc, or copy paste the url in the browser window to wherever you wish to share it.
  • If you have a blog or site, an anchored backlink would be appreciated, one in a post even more so… or on the sidebar of your blog, preferably with the phrase “Portland Bill” or similar.

You can let me know if you do anything like the above and I can see how or what I can to help you in return. πŸ™‚

All that remains is for me to say a massive thanks to every one of you readers, here and on the Portland Bill blog.

I will keep you well updated on the progress of that blog as we go along.

The Portland Bill site and what’s next
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