There is alot of people now starting to see the merits of doing “stuff” online, whether they started with a hobby frame of mind, or as a result of following their passion, whatever that may be and it’s lead them on a path of questions, possibilities and opportunities.

I have seen some “hobby blogs” and such starting to show signs of the owners realising it for themselves.

It’s how alot get started yet there is something, a question, that always draws people like a magnet… the possibility of doing it for a living…IE “can I seriously make money online doing this shit?” (with a sarcastic nod to their pc)

After all, they are already spending a few hours a week writing, or other content (videos etc) and doing all the “stuff” that they need to do, it’s just a case of asking what else they could do, try, or maybe look for the perfect “plug-in-and-away-you-go” easy money maker.

The slippery slope beckons…

The downside the shillsters don’t tell you about when they sell you their “secrets” and crappy “get rich quick” formulas, that they probably don’t even do themselves (they just get rich quick selling the crap) – is the sheer work and boring repetitive crap that needs to be done in order to get anywhere, it can be demoralising, more so when it takes a while to get results in this day and age of “instant gratification” and over-hyped promises.

Sometimes we all get downhearted doing this that and the other, mind numbing shit that needs to be done cos there ain’t never been results without work, you know action on something rather then sitting on facebook and twitter all day doing bugger all but natter like many do, or if sensible at times, sharing a real worthy tweet!

But don’t you need a system? …

While it’s true you do need to follow a system, you really need to create your own system, not meaning you need to start from scratch either… I came to realise all you do is take what works from different systems, actions, tips, knowledge and adapt them to suit you and to maximise your strengths, whatever they may be…the only way to do that is to actually do, test and improve.

I tell you this, it doesn’t get any easier along the way as many would have you believe, each new thing you get past is great but there is always something else to do, to get past, and it continues but it is a journey, not a destination.
Learning is just a part of life, why should it be any different online?

Everything leads to more questions.

It seems it’s still getting started that comes across as the hardest part of the journey for many, oddly, I wouldn’t say it’s as much now as it was, it’s hard to make the start in some ways, then once going like everything you wonder why you “fretted” over it and these days it’s easier than ever to just do something.

Something’s just sound harder than they are, yeah some of it can sound a little daunting, but how will you know till you do?

So while this system would just help you in alot of ways you could just use the most relevant part(s) of it, lets say you research for a topic to write about based around something you can deal with (keywords) then get started immediately writing quality articles based on what you find worth doing, then set up a basic blogger blog to post some of the articles to, while posting a few to the main article directories, always having a “resource box” at the bottom of each article with a link to your blog, these directories then get you traffic and links back to your blog.

Then tell others about your blog too, while tracking the traffic coming in.

Rinse, repeat with new articles, and even start other possible topics on new blogs, and rinse, repeat again.

Simple, no?

But then, no doubt various questions go through your mind now…that’s the way it works.

“How long is this gonna take to show me results?”
“Is it even going to work?”

The answers to those questions only you have, and they only way you will find out is to do.

So, how long have you got? No, seriously..

If you are seriously considering all of that, you should also ask yourself this…

“Am I willing to do stuff everyday and commit to it for 6 months with NO expectation of reward, knowing I may screw up many times before even hitting the right spot, where I see a monetary result?”

If so, go for it, if not…don’t waste anytime trying, because it ends up very…trying!

If you really have the drive to get started, or have started already but are yet to see the potential to adapt in a way it will benefit you in a monetary kind, then by all means think about it, act on it, if it fits well with you there’s nothing stopping you.

In reality, anyone can make money online.

If you really think, “yep, sounds interesting but where to start?

  • Write down the 5 things you are most passionate about, knowledgeable of.
  • Write down all your strengths.

Try to find some overlap of the two and start with that, if there is one, you will have a better chance of staying motivated and it won’t feel like “boring work” then get researching using the systems information for the right starting point within the overlap, if there is one.

Then write at least 10 well keyworded long good quality articles with solid information for the blog and post them one a day, write 10 short but good teasing 3-400 word articles for the article directories and submit them one a day without forgetting to put a link back to your blog in the resource box at bottom of them (which is why you tease them, you want them coming to your blog for more).

Then share the blog URL with others, in bottom of outgoing emails, on social site profiles you have, just get it “out there” and get the ball rolling, join forums and comment on blogs where you “get involved” with your ideal target market, they will click on your signature link under all your post.

Then write more articles, rinse repeat and do it consistently until you have enough data to decide if it’s worthwhile…if so, get monetising by way of adsense, affiliate links, ad-space, whatever works, (yep testing again!) it’s why the research part is so important, two or three extra hours researching could save days, weeks in the long run.

If you find something is working, keep at it and then consider how to grow what works, drop what doesn’t..(yep more testing… see, it’s never ending.)

Don’t do or follow what you don’t need, just improve whatever it is you do and know works, if you use blogger as said above you could then decide to grab a domain and use it on the blog (so simple to do) as it will pay to do so.

If it doesn’t work out, consider just starting again with something else or another angle, no need to delete what you have done if it’s costing nothing anyway, IE its a free blog!

Whatever happens, you will have l
earnt valuable lessons the first time and nothing teaches like experience.

The signs are there, eventually you ask…
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