verne prison at portlandA forum user asked me if the well known “underground prison” was still here at Portland, which as you can see from the pictures is still in use.

This is an old prison, I know it was one of the hardest and highest categories at one time.

There is a tale I started reading one time in a quaint old book about this prison and it’s prisoners, a man known as something like “crazy bill, wild man of Portland”, or something like that!

Been some seriously crazy ones in there in the early end of the last century!


Even in my childhood in the 70’s it was a higher known and badder reputation than it is now.

Here are a few pictures of the Verne!

This first picture is looking at the entrance gate, you can see the prison shaped into the hill clearly here, on my immediate right is the bridge to it, as seen in the second picture.

the bridge view and the trench at verne prison This at literally the top of the island. The second picture also shows the “trench” that goes around the prison, very deep too.

As kids we used to say…”wow, you can imagine lions in there at one stage, like some Roman fortress this, they would eat one who dared escape!”

Even my sons had a laugh at that, but started adding there own little ideas into it… ;o)

view south of verne prison and trench
Gotta love the imagination!

The last picture is also taken from the same point as the other two.

Just a little to to the left so you can appreciate the depth of the prison and how it “fits” into the island, as well as that trench!

Quite high up here! :o)

“The Verne”
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