Not long till 2008 passes us by and 2009 kicks in, the years are going fast the space between pondering the last year and looking forward to the next are getting closer, so it seems!

Time waits for no man!
Where better to contemplate the last year and consider the next year than here?

As the sun sets on 2008 do you feel you achieved the goals, resolutions you set out this time last year?

If you did, great, if not, maybe consider the size of the goals and time you set to achieve them, it’s one reason resolutions don’t work well, 9 times out of 10 they are spontaneous and set just because “people set them.”

“Gonna give up smoking, Jan 1st” is quite common, but how hard is that to achieve?
Most likely you cave in on Jan second, then you have failed….that’s it, you don’t bother after that.

Better to say…

“I will give up by the end of Jan” then plan to do that, set it out so you can cut down in stages over that month, this way even if you don’t quite make it, you may have gone a long way to it, like cutting down a by 3/4 of what you were smoking.

This way you are much more likely to carry on trying, not think you failed.
Well you certainly won’t think, “ah well, almost did it” then start smoking more will you?

If you have to make a resolution, at least make it realistic. :o)

Goals are a bit different I think, at least any goal you set out can be good, no matter how small, if it’s progressive in some way to moving you forward it’s good.

If you set out a main goal, aim high, this will make you more motivated to try, and if you don’t make the stars, at least you hit the clouds.

But plan for the clouds…have step goals which lead you in the right direction, each small goal reached is motivation and proof of progress.

It’s been a topsy turvy year for myself, but there are lessons in everything for us to take away.

I have to say it wasn’t a great year for me in some ways, but in looking back it’s cleared alot of the “fog” in my mind in the plans I had set out in 2008, and in turn has made 2009 a much clearer path for me.

The most important thing of all is your health and family.

THAT was my biggest lesson of 2008!

Without those…it’s doesn’t matter what happens, you can win the lotto, have all the money in world, realise all the dreams you can make, anything you could want would be worthless!

For me the main goals for 2009 are to strengthen my own family links, bonds, as they are the number one priority and the other to better my health, if there is one thing I have learnt, sitting in front a PC too much ain’t good for ya! :o/

I have set one goal to take more photos, one a day at least because it really is a good way of getting out and about and staying fit and with so much to capture out there it will be fun!

There are other goals I have set myself, one is to go full time online asap! :o)

I can see 2009 being the year everything changes a bit online with the rise of social sites etc.

It has levelled the playing field alot more than it was just a few years ago.

What lessons can you take from 2008?
Have you set goals for 2009?

“Time to reflect, then plan ahead”
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