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One in a million, literally!

If you are this blogging / website game then you are one among millions ~ like pebbles on a beach ~ millions of whom also with the same aim as you, to get somewhere and make it work, make money, grow your reach and readership, get noticed in other ways (book deals spring to mind!) so no matter what it is you aim for, it’s your platform, the springboard and nothing more.

But like the pebbles on the beach we are all connected, it only takes one person to make the difference, depending on who it is. 😉

Not easy all this and it’s only going to get harder…although with some luck the search engines will weed out the crap better as we go along and faster too, yet they are never going to be as smart as you, the person and that matters, it can help I think if we think about it and use that knowledge right.

People, not machines!

This I think is why social traffic can’t really be ignored, whatever happens with social traffic has to be noticed by the SE’s. Granted SE traffic is key to it all but they feed off each other, one can’t exist without the other anymore.

Look at the latest traffic growth curve of facebook compared to google… 😉

No matter how you look at it, it’s the people and not machines that count.

Therefore it pays to write for people first, machines second.

It’s good to rank for keywords machines look out for when it comes to getting your site to make money online yet it’s still the people who pay you, not the machine, the machine only helps drive more people to you.

Traffic is not key, what you get that traffic doing is key!

If you are selling crap, increasing your conversion means the traffic can stay the same and your profits go up, that is what you should be always working on, then any traffic increase you do create means bigger profits, like create more articles and include an anchored backlink in each, a few of these mean more traffic and better ranking, leading to even more traffic too.

Win bloody win! 😀

Numbers, yep it is a numbers game, anyone who says different is doing a disservice for saying so.

The only numbers that matter are your own, yeah by all means listen to what others may say which you could learn from but don’t take them for gospel, test it yourself and see what it does to your numbers, then take that as gospel.

No-one else knows what your numbers are, what you can improve, drop, whatever, only you regardless of what ebooks, blogs, websites tell you, the only real way to know is to test it for yourself.

It doesn’t mean do all yourself as you are unlikely to be able to do it all, do what matters for you, not blindly do everything you read or hear, we know where that can lead…

Road to nowhere! 🙁

Lonely road that is!

Social traffic doesn’t have to mean YOU being social

It’s all good and well being on twitter, facebook etc and being sucked in socially but that also takes up your time and also it’s not likely you have enough influence to make it really worth that time spent.

If social traffic is to really pay, in whatever form, it needs to be spread by the right people, the influencers in whatever niche you target, you need those who do have the reach, one of the things to consider is to some how some way capitalise on that, maybe give them something worth sharing, whether it’s amazing free content as such on your blog, a free product they can do something with, or even make them a decent offer of some sort.

The point is make it so there is something in it for them, and those they share it with. 😀

The more this gets shared the better the SE’s will take note, they can’t ignore the social influence can they?

Indeed, there is a reason google has started personalising search and included social your social graph into that.

Use what social traffic can teach you in order to improve your SE traffic, think about it this way, what words people react to are going to be something different to what machines do, naunces of language are not something machines deal with quite like you do. 😉

Find the new keywords and unusual terms people give you.

You could find some interesting long tail keywords utilising this info, long tail keywords are simply longer search terms, IE instead of typing in “cakes” they may type in “old English cakes” which narrows the search to a more specific target and it’s what they actually want to see the results for, so, that is a basic example but hopefully understandable?

As we know from google own words, most searches are new search terms, which means you know when any long tail keyword with be a hit.

Build some half decent content utilising these long tail keywords, and with that some anchored backlinks with these long tail keywords too. (see how these links I am sharing are anchored backlinks?)

This will help your ranking in the SE’s eh? 😉

By now you should know they feed each other in many ways and if possible should be utilised in whatever form benefits you.

You may find its useless, maybe it is, but how will you know unless you test it?

Granted if you just have an adsense site it may hurt you in some ways, lowering your ad value for one, the click through (CTR) rate for another.

Do what works for you and only that.

That is the bottom line, as long as it’s ethical, legal, do whatever works well for you and test anything and everything you think may work, don’t let others say or tell you what will, will not work, only you can know by doing.

Some ideas to think about. 🙂

Please share this, and / or thoughts in comments…

Time to write for people, not machines…
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7 thoughts on “Time to write for people, not machines…

    • March 30, 2010 at 7:07 pm


      Thanks, yeah, I think it’s the way to go…well write for both but readers first and foremost 😉

      They are the ones that matter.

  • March 31, 2010 at 5:58 am

    I like this advice: Find the new keywords and unusual terms people give you. I always go through my keywords in Google Analytics at least once a week and find things that I could blog about. It amazes me what people type in and I’m also shocked at what I see sometimes… I know I use the word ‘finger’ on my site, but not like that…

    By the way I followed your link: long tail keywords, and spent a long time there. Thanks! I like her blogs. But man, that was hours ago, lol and now I’m finally back. See how that works? I almost lost ya.

    • March 31, 2010 at 10:39 am

      Hi Richard,

      Glad you liked it, yeah it is good to see what people type in, also what words you can use around the words people use to find you, even guess at similar words people may use in the future.

      It’s ok really if you lost me because I can’t write it all, so I have no problem sharing links with great content, and if you know I share good links, you will more likely follow a link I share another time, also the person who’s link I shared will likely see they are benefiting…and possibly share this too, see how that works? 😉

      Glad you did come back and shared you comment though. 😉

  • April 2, 2010 at 1:09 am

    Hey Rob, while I know how a lot of this is important in improving SE, I don’t bother with most of it for one simple reason. It takes the enjoyment out of blogging. I write because I’ve grown to love it, but if I had to worry about PR, keywords both long and short every time I write a post, it would become a real drag.

    Nope, I write first, then look at what I’ve written and if I think there are some good keywords in there I may highlight or tag them or something. Normally I don’t even bother doing that. Slack huh? 😀
    .-= Sire´s last blog ..Getting More Than Just Money For Doing The Xomba =-.

    • April 2, 2010 at 1:25 am

      Slack…aye, you lazy badass 😀

      Sensible too… 😉

      Seems the right way to go I think, like you said what’s blogging if not enjoyable?

      I think in certain cases, blog types, you probably have to write for machines more, like adsense niches, but overall I would say google et al probably also gives some weight to genuine diversely written blogs, as they are more likely to get commented on, shared etc it must matter. 😉
      .-= Rob´s last blog ..Monetisation, it’s not a sin! =-.

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