It seems twitter and facebook are having some issues lately, of different sorts, problems that I’d have thought would have shown themselves to be obvious to them long before now, problems they could have then avoided by acting on what should have looked so obvious.

You would have thought with all the data they already had, IE …  before the massive growth both experienced due to free publicity, it would show them what looks to be an obvious weakness or potential problem further down the growth path.

The other thing which I think is an issue, one that should be a priority is the lack of trust and appreciation to the users themselves, after all these social sites are user driven.

The users can “police the place” in a more effective way at times than the owners themselves leaving the owners to deal with improving the user experience, the most important aspect they deal with. (friendfeed get it spot on). this is beneficial to both parties after all. The users want a better experience.

I write this as a user, from my own experience with the sites, not based on others opinions … my own experiences, and I do jump in. ;o) I will write about facebook in the next post … so …

“Twitter twoubles?”

Twitter has been suspending accounts by mistake recently while dealing with spammers, those who auto-follow using crap and follow trains, bots. There was a warning from twitter that they would deal with this sort of thing a couple of weeks back, how they were looking at the way people were using twitter.

It’s spammers, bad thoughtless marketers and porn floggers who only care about big numbers, it’s usually one or all of these that ruin things, just as we are now seeing here.

While I still have my account thankfully I have seen the rate the spammers and auto follow bots do this stuff, I have been blocking them daily for a few weeks so hopefully it’s something twitter will continue to deal with, not sure they will ever win that though!

To be honest the stupidest group is those who thought it a good idea to “jump on the bandwagon” with crap like the “get 400 folllowers a day” while not normally that kind of general twitter user, maybe this is what happened with some of these that were so called “accidentally suspended” or “legit users” to other users.
Twitter targeted them all, so those who thought….”well it won’t do any harm, it’s a one off” were effected, if so, tough, hopefully they think about it next time, plenty of us ranted against it long before this happened, so twitter are not really at fault, them users are.

The hashtag (#) is another thing they will always need to keep an eye on as it is used to get into the “trending topics” list on the home page, it’s not hard to do as users of a forum have proved, just as they have done with google bombing, using anchor links over the years (it’s not new) … what are hashtags again? Anchor links!?

Twitter also I think need to work with link shrinker’s and twitter app developers a bit more closely to jointly deal with any issues. Having a twitter only link shrinker with scanning process would get rid of the threat of viruses and worse which they have experienced a while back.

To have every single link converting into this twitter only shrinker would make a massive difference and could help with stats, both for twitter and the users which improves it all.

Working closer with those app creators who use the twitter API would only lead to improving the overall experience for the users rather than squabbling over the word “tweet” being used with the creators etc, and doing updates and more without working with the app developers to keep the experience hassle free for the users themselves.

Let’s not forget though, we as users should also play our part in keeping it to our liking, taking responsibly for how we use it, report the porn spammers and crap, play our role in using it how we want it to be used help the app developers improve the experience etc.

What about you? How do you feel as a user of twitter?

Twitter, missing the obvious?
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