Twitter, text messaging for grown ups?

Look at twitter like the “grown up text message service with a twist” and it soon makes sense.

Twitter is a funny thing, so simple and so effective due to it’s simplicity, yet it is baffling for most of us at the beginning, including me!

I wouldn’t be surprised if most people’s first “tweet” was a “hello, anyone there?” then sitting back and waiting…waiting…then tweet again “I don’t get this, wtf IS going on?!!”  ;o)

It’s ok to admit it lol, I did that! 

It took a few hours and I started to think… “Am I wasting my damn time here or what?” 
Well, talking to myself weren’t I?!!  ;o)    (not healthy most of the time!)

I clicked the what was the called “public timeline”, now called “everyone” and I couldn’t see MY tweet anywhere, the stream was moving so fast too! (it’s WORSE now, don’t bother).

What started me “getting it” was once I started to follow someone, them following me and seeing “how” it worked … at basic level mind. That is the way to get to grips with it.

So we do that… ;o) 

Got your twitter account, now go to my twitter profile and click the “follow” button so now MY tweets will show in your stream.

Now type into your box @robsellen “OI, here I am” :o) which will show up on my @robsellen tab on the right side, yours will be @whatevernameyoupickedbutmakeitshorterthanthiscosyouonlyget140!! I.E … you can’t type much else!

Now I will, when I can (soon as i see it), reply to your tweet by typing @whateveryoupicked yeah you know… and my tweet will show on your @whatever tab.

Your home tab stream is ALL tweets of the people you follow. Follow these people too… 

@mabb @funkonline (local to me) @miege (ex-local and new to it too), @linnetwoods watch how she uses it… ;o) catch her in eves my time. @stephenfry … do I need to say much there?

DM’s known as direct messages, these you can get from those YOU follow, they have to follow you for you to be able to DM them… I know, stupid, the wrong way round in a sense.

Favourites are the tweets you bookmark, do this by hovering the mouse over the bottom right of each tweet and clicking the star that shows.

The arrow under it THAT is the “reply to” link.. try it after someone tweets you, its just a short cut to do what I told you to do in the start here…type in @robsellen, just means it’s easy to reply quickly.
On the bottom of  each tweet is a “in reply to” link, showing you what that tweet was in reply to. :o)  Keep clicking it and you go back through the conversation.

So why did I call it texting for grown ups with a twist?

Well it’s 140 characters, text sized on most phones and this was the original intention of use from the main idea. The twist is you use it on the web, add pictures, links, and you can do all that with your phone if inclined to do so. ;o)

Grown up though? The majority are 30 and over, so there is none of this txt tpe stff, u know. ;o)

Over 30… hhmmmm… explains why we get baffled at the start! ;o)

Look at it like that and see how it goes, have a play about with it. Don’t forget to tweet to me!

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