I was going to stop bothering even mentioning the warriors due to the mistreatment I had yet there has been something I felt had to share with those warriors who still read my blog here…and it IS a few of you judging by my blog visit stats.

Not surprisingly because of the fact it happens in life everywhere I have encountered some seriously sad backstabbing from the two faced warriors who are simply to stupid to realise that it only hurts them.

Listen up you backstabbing two faced warriors (you know who you are too) , you are NOT hurting me in any sense but you are making yourself look stupid…which you probably are so it’s no surprise there.

I will say though you are seriously misguided when you say the warriors is the place to be if you want success…woah there, if you really think so you are as stupid as you sound.

Most people have NEVER heard of the place and yet they have good success…so what gives you that stupid view on things?

The fact you have emailed me calling me alsorts and saying that I am a nobody is not doing anything but making it clear to me what sort of a person you are…not one I would want to know anyway.

What IS surprising is the few who I considered friends who have stabbed me in the back with their two facedness, so they are not really friends as such just users who are a little to stupid to realise they make themselves look bad…I could EASILY name you here for everyone to see….would you like that?

Didn’t think so either…so a little warning to you there, that should you feel like emailing me with another load of crap…your name will be on here for all to see!

If you are so sure of the warriors making you rich as you say…why are you bothering with me?

Let me say this…the way you said that you will get rich from the warriors will end up ONE way…you being banned because what one of you said in essence is you plan to rip them off!

Doubt that will go down well lol!

Whatever happens you won’t be hurting me because I am not there to be ripped off… ;o)

“Two faced warriors”
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