If you really want to get a better understanding of some thing online and how and why things happen the way they do… you need look no further than the real world.

Using an anology can be an effective way to make sense of something, something that is confusing, hard to grasp even hard to picture. It has been done thousands of times for thousands of different examples and situations.

Thats not exactly what this post is about but it is involved in a roundabout way… 😉

Using traffic for an example, which actually fits here well, you only need look at the roads… 😉

Just as with the usual road traffic there is more often than not a two way thing going on..
With a few one way streets here and there.

Blogs and websites are very similar with the linking patterns that happen…with some using the “no follow” in the linking they are creating a one way street…

One way streets get clogged and jammed… those that are greedy with links and such will suffer somewhere along the line, no doubt.

Some just link out rarely but are happy to have people link to them… yes good for SE but so what..the nets getting more and more personal as I have already said in a previous post.

The two way street traffic will eventually be the norm as it should be.
Obviously there has to be only one way linking with some websites, like direct selling sites etc, they have a specific aim..and that allows the aim to be achieved…blogs are different.

Long term you want your blog looking like an active community… active being the operative word here.

There are thousands of crap blogs out there…AND there are countless great ones too, yet so many of the great ones have hardly any traffic, such a shame for the majority who never get to see them.

Linking to those you DO like which are hardly being seen is helping you both, you are sharing a great blog, and they are grateful for the help which also leaves them feeling like you deserve a mention along the line…a link etc.

But NEVER expect the link back…give without expecting in return, just as with anything in life, done this way you feel happier and greatful you was appreciated…like you earned the link.

Thats the way it goes…but doing it with a difference is what will make the impact..the “reason why” is also an influence on the end result.

So Johns blog post here was an inspired one in my eyes…check it out as well as the rest of his blog.

Two way street
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