Unsubscribing and GLAD!

I have always been one of those who is subscribed to lots of list, not to get all products under the sun, but to simply see what they get up to, how they do things, what can I learn from them…

Well… since coming back online and having a fresh outlook and perspective on things, I have to say… there is something that stands out a mile!

The bullshit and crap out there that every guru and their bloody aunt seems to promote… well I have news…

The biggest lesson to be learnt from it all is what NOT to do!

Honestly I have to say…if these people are making money from their list they have some naive readers.. if you are one.. sorry to be blunt.. but it IS my opinion, and I see it over and over again.

Lets face it some Americans (meaning the general herd) buy into the hype…hook line and sinker.. not to say it is just the Americans…
But hey it is mainly the American “gurus” that get the results from the hype… so it MUST work on the herd they lead!

If that IS you… then its only YOU that can change that.

There are some great newsletters out there, this is NOT a bash AT Americans…. there are some American newsletter writers I will always read.. but there are some that are downright crap.. I mean they ARE taking
the piss out of the readers…

Is it just the Americans? NO.. but hey there are MORE of them and it IS these that stand out.

I will stick my neck out here and say it seems the UK newletters writers are far less hypey..and far more honest.

Why is it that the American law is trying to police the net?
Why is it they set up laws and have strict rules in certain states?
Could it due to the level of hype that the American writers put out?

The promises of easy riches!
The selling of the dream?

Could it be so bad that even they are saying woah… we gotta get grip on this.

Is it that they realise the herd are actully naive enough to fall for it all?

Is there something I am missing?

I am glad to have clicked the unsubscribe button on a few these last few days… I doubt I have finished yet either.

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