Yay…the IDIOT has removed it, he emailed saying that he only wanted the template!!

WELL…there are ways of getting templates, doing it the way he did is NOT one.

You do NOT copy the source code, thats why MY content was on his blog, if you want that template…google for it! (update~the current template is not the same one)


ASK…and I will tell you the site I got it from, or send you it, mind you if you have half a brain you will be able to find it very easy.

There is NO excuse for what that IDIOT done…at all.

It was MY content, not the template I was bothered about.
I couldn’t care less what template people use.

But at least do it right.

This person has little writing skills judging by the email I got from him.

I am happy to help ANYONE if they ask properly, even if it seems a daft question to those who ask…I will not belittle them for asking, I will just help them by answering the question.

People who know me know that.

This idiot said I copied the template from someone else.
YES of course I did, I got it from a website where templates are there to use.

Nothing wrong with that at all, that is what they are done for.

So if you like this template just ask…and I will give you the link whereI got it from…all it takes ~ is asking!

As for this whole situatiobn, it leaves a bitter taste in the mouth, but I will NOT let it lie.. otherwise they will go and do it again.

He got caught through his own stupidity.
Had he had even half a brain cell I would not have known!

Sad that people like that are out there.

Sad that they are so stupid I can’t tell them how stupid they are!

So ALEX… learnt a lesson now have we?

Update on copycat blog
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