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This may seem a little strange after the last post here, I mean yeah, some really do shine. Decent people who are living the truth of who they are… and shining that onto others.

You see them yourself. If you can’t you are not looking the right way. 😉

I meant it, the few who messaged with tips, thoughts and ideas really gave my some nuggets I can and will use as best I can.

You will probably see some of them when I get to it. Some will be on my other site some will be on here.

Started working on that last night, got to bed at 3am! Lot’s more to do yet but it’s a start.


On the flip side

Many do disappoint me…

Yeah, I’m sorry to say it, but so many say one thing and do another.

Seriously… no idea why but it happens alot.

Not sure why some people even bother saying things in the first place if they know they will do something else, is it hard to just not say it, or maybe just be honest?


So many are just plain fake … everyone knows it as they see it themselves. Sad really. In it for themselves only.

Basically it’s all …

Upside down

So many self centred people yet they seem to get it all on a plate… why?

They don’t care and show it, so others aim to please them. Tragic, truth though. I see it myself, all the time.

People react to pain, any pain, and people react without realising it, they are manipulated. Look at simple pathetic crocodile tears and the effect they have!

Nearly always the manipulative person gets what they want. . .

How fickle people really are.

Just learnt a harsh painful lesson myself from someone with that and I have to say, it’s opened my eyes up a little more to those types of people, I can see them clearer now, sadly I really underestimated how many there are!

Not everyone of course, just that, I now realise there are more than I thought.

A catch 22… I now have, due to one…

They gave me a good lesson by showing this to be how they are though I really wish they weren’t… yet I now see the worse in others while I aim to see the good.

Something I didn’t want to be doing at all

But it’s proving hard with many to be honest.

I will say thank you to them for showing me who I am not.

Hope they find substance within to one day… be what they falsely project. Because people see through it eventually, everyone, everytime.

Tis a shame really as if they were how I thought they were, they would be a different person.

Not entirely their fault… If they are honest and change it,  well… 😉


It’s happening everywhere.

The world is upside down because people are. Not all their fault either.

So many humans and so little humanity in some ways. We see it everywhere, tis a sad fact really.

Look at the world… what a state, what are we collectively doing?!

We need to collectively wake up and see just badly manipulated everyone is by so few on the grand scale…

It’s is also creating more individually manipulative people. Tragic.

It’s why I never watch tv or the news or films etc … Amazing what crap people put in their minds.

On the flip side

Maybe it’s me. Maybe I care too much, maybe I care about the wrong things in the wrong ways…

Maybe I should just be a little more self centred as well, as long as I still live my truth and get on.

Maybe I should stop caring not because I don’t but because others don’t.

Maybe I don’t want to be that way, realising fast that maybe I will have no choice. . . what a shame!


Retreating doesn’t mean defeat, even in war… it mean’s tactically saving yourself from certain defeat.

Well, I have to confess, I struggle to mix with people now, way more than I have in the past…

Not something I wanted or planned but it happened, being deaf don’t help with that at all as I can feel lonely in a room full of people simply because I am not in the flow of the conversation, as I miss 90% of it. . .

Times like that you know what a good girlfriend you have when it happens to be one. 😉 Inclusive.

I prefer the company of one… or a few at most. More and I struggle.

That won’t change.

Maybe it’s time to retreat even further back in order to save myself in one way. Cut my losses.

Alone and lonely are two different things and I have learnt to deal with both in their own ways, not easy but it is how it is.

I would rather that than be manipulated and messed around or ignored… any day.

Throw myself into writing and other things and just get on with my own thing, be ruthless and self centred so I forge that path. Freelance writing is one option.

Spend time with those that matter and those that are reliable as friends… we all have a few, count them on one hand most of us.

How sad… thousands of people all around us and we can only really rely on a few!  *shakes head* Baffled.

The world really is upside down!

Stop it and I’ll step right off.

Upside down people…
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4 thoughts on “Upside down people…

  • March 17, 2018 at 5:33 pm

    True friends are hard to find. I only give what get back.

    • March 17, 2018 at 5:39 pm

      Yeah sure is the truth that Penny…
      Shame they are so few and far between…
      Rob´s last blog post ..A life changer

  • March 17, 2018 at 5:36 pm

    Love the top scroll bar of vistas they are amazing! Xxx

    • March 17, 2018 at 5:48 pm

      Ha cheers mum… thinking of making a few more… have them change for different post too. 😉
      Rob´s last blog post ..Are you shining? …


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