I realise I know more than I think when it comes to this “online malarkey” and thought it’s about time I utilised that to help local businesses and traders here on Portland.

Anyone who has blogged for some time or dabbled in Internet marketing in some form or other is way ahead of the masses when it comes to doing the basics online in the right way.

Also you are a long way ahead of offline business owners too, this is one area that internet marketers and good bloggers can help businesses locally to you.

I felt in a position to write about Portland businesses, and change, it’s happening anyway…and what I can see of the possible changes and the impacts of it, if possible I’d like to help them anyway I can, one area in that could be to promote their businesses by way of a post or advertisement on the Portland-bill blog itself, giving them not only possible traffic but a decent backlink too, they are the real currency of the web, links.

We want our local businesses to succeed, their success or failure reflects and effects all of the surrounding community, so it’s in our interest too.

If you are into internet marketing, or a good blogger with some experience of the way things work online have you considered helping local businesses, paid or otherwise?

I ask because we all know one of the surest ways to make money is to help others make money, as the saying goes… To get more of what you want, help others get what they want.

Businesses only want one thing, more sales, more referrals, more customers… do you think you can help your local businesses with that by utilising your skills online?

I am pretty sure most good internet marketers and bloggers can help in some way, however small, simply because you will likely know when you see any business, or their website what online tactic(s), system would fit into it, remember you are way ahead of the curve online.

The important thing I think is that it’s not about their website, it’s about the business, no good saying to a business, stick a blog up, or facebook fan page, twitter account, etc… it’s first and foremost about the business itself, not changing it, but enhancing it where it matters and where you can.

As any internet marketer or good blogger knows, there are way to many different aspects to online marketing to say what works for any particular business… it wholly depends on the business, each on it’s own merits..

That is part of where I am looking to grow, help local businesses implement what aspects (if any) they can which would help them grow and adapt to changes.

Without naming local businesses, I have seen some terribly bad websites, now that’s not to say, they are bad for the business as I have no idea of that but as a user of the website it was…well, bad, from that standpoint I felt there was alot which could be improved and make a difference.

I couldn’t see how in my opinion those websites were growing their business.

The bottom line was… would I buy from them, or do whatever it was they wanted me to, whatever their “call to action” was? (If any!) In some cases, it’s a big no from me..

Some businesses had no website altogether, which due to the nature of the business I thought was very odd, short-sighted.
I hope we can rectify that. :o)

What about you?

If you have being in the trenches so to speak, doing all this stuff, have you checked you local businesses websites and such?
If not, why not consider it and it could be one way of diversifying what you do, even a way to grow what you already do, a way to help you make money online.

Foe me it’s time to utilise all that internet marketing and blogging has taught me.;o)

Utilising Internet marketing for local businesses
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