Chesil beach sunset
🙂 Chesil beach under the sun - Bliss... 🙂

Just a quick post…

Enjoying the last of the good weather over the end of the summer and the nice sunsets it reminded me of some of the pictures I have, that are worthy of dressing walls… 🙂 I think so, anyway. 😆

So, I am sorting that out and hoping to see some grace your walls… Taste permitting, of course. 😉

A simple gallery page added to this site, or even the Portland Bill one, or both, would probably do the job nicely, so that’s on the “to do” list now, having found a good printers to get things rolling, all depends on who it turns out but it’s something I would like to do more of. Can ya blame me, living here? 🙂

The sizes will vary, just need to get that organised.

Some will be limited … a certain number in a certain size. 😉

More importantly though…

I need to make it as hands free as possible, that is automate it as much as I can allowing me to get on with other things, like writing for the blogs and marketing it all.

The key is to get it to the point where it’s 100% automated, after all, that’s better for me allowing me more time to just get great pictures, knowing the pictures are still being sold, delivered and people are happy. 🙂

I won’t just limit it to pictures for walls though, I think it’s worth using one of the many services out there which allow you to add pictures to lot’s of different apparel, mugs, t-shirts, hooded tops, table-mats, mouse mats, fridge magnets, even aprons …  that sort of thing.

It may well make some nice Christmas presents for someone you know. 🙂

That’s the next thing for the “to-do” list. Keep an eye out for that update… 🙂

Wall worthy pictures coming soon!
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