Having a break has had its benefits as you can imagine.

Most of you know I use the warrior forum alot but I gotta say “its changed.”
Seems thing’s happened when I was offline, not sure exactly what went on nor do I really need to know.

I can hazard a guess but I will keep that to myself. ;o)

Though it of course like anything in life has negative points, I do like the place.
The simple truth is that forum can do alot for you, IF you are going about things the right way.

But what about…

The old boys club that people talk about… ok, well maybe there is one, maybe not, depends what you wanna see!

There is something of that nature everywhere really so why would it be so different there?

It’s up to you how you see it and where you fit into things, no-one makes anyone do anything.

It’s a shame to see those who have made alot of money and MILKED the warriors (to be honest its how it is to me) have left because things may not have been going the way THEY wanted it.

Still… what would you expect in IM?

May piss some people off saying this but I don’t care… I am being honest if that’s not ok for some tough, because I can ONLY be honest.

I am glad to say though, HYPE is on it’s way out… great.

I think, and I am allowed my opinion, that hype is the fault of the US marketers, after all the Americans love their hype.. don’t they?

Must do… they fall for it enough, if they didn’t hype wouldn’t be such a problem.

People can’t complain when they fuel it.

So what becomes of the warriors?
Who knows… all I know is things have changed alot.

Take care,

Warrior forum…
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