Web rage man jailed..

Quite a shocking bit of news here in the UK about the first “web rage” jailing as a result of using internet chat rooms.

This is a clear reason why you should not let your kids or teens use these chat rooms.

We all know the dangers of those unsavoury people that can pray on kids etc, but this is grown men.

You should never let others know your whole name or address in chat rooms, it is just far to risky to
do so.

It can be to easy for someone to track someone else down, more so if personal information is shared such
as addresses etc.

People should be aware that not everyone is as nice or calm as yourself.

Take a look at the report here from CNN news.
Something was bound to happen sometime but you always hope that it wouldn’t.

A warning to all those who use chat rooms, forums etc, you are not so anonymous in reality.

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