Been a few days since I have posted here, though I have been writing up some post to show I will post those over the next few days.

That’s the beauty of blogging, you don’t have to post as you write, so if you get into a “writing mode” and you feel on a roll, go with it and just write, just save them for posting later.

I often do this and it means I “get ahead” of myself, if tomorrow I don’t write I still have something to share.

Instead of posting what I have done, I wanted to ask for YOUR opinion.

I am going to revamp the blog as well as set in motion plans I have made…could be some big changes but I would rather hear what you have to say first as it’s you that gets to read it.

Are there topics you would like to see more off on this blog?

Are there topics you would like to see me drop?

Are there topics you would like me to blog about that I don’t already blog about?

More pics?

What do you want to see here?

It’s exciting times online, I can see the massive changes from a few years ago, when it was harder to get yourself noticed online.

With the social networking sites like facebook…(which most of you seem addicted too!) we have never had it so good.

So, what would you like me to do here?

Tips or… ?

If you have any opinions please comment below.

“What do YOU want?”
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