Just to warm you up… on this snowy day in mid March!

Bonkers weather!

I’m ok at home with a cuppa, warm, got bread and milk. 😆

It’s Sunday… a day to chill. Well… write, for me.

So, I thought I’d do something different on Sundays and hopefully I’ll keep being able to do it. Depending on what happens over the week, if I find anything useful.

A few things I’ve read this week…

Why it is ok to be average, I’m average, so are you, that’s ok… here’s why.

Well, something that I hope one person can understand why them long hugs were important… and backed up by real proof. Course I miss em. 😉

Why you should treat yourself in this way, it matters,way more then you realise and it’s profound… it’s not what you think it is either, and also backed up by proof.

There is a very fine subtle art to this, be warned, it has swear words, but you know that now, so up to you, but it’s genius. After all, it applies to us all… and why you should not give a f**k!

That image on the top is worth it alone! 😆

Another interesting one, and I stumbled on this truth myself, being friends first counts and if you get that right as I thought I had… after all, you treat friends with respect, well, we should.

Then you are more willing to sacrifice some things… has to be some compromise though, you can’t sacrifice the wrong things. . . in the end though, you realise that there is a harsh truth…  Love is not enough. Realising what IS scarce… matters more. 😉

Is it real?

Maybe you don’t really know what love is… you may surprise yourself in some way, in fact you may think something along the lines of “blimey I need to grow up?!” … Seriously. 😉

It got me thinking about it and so many little truths.

Like the way people never move though the stages of learning what love is. Stuck in conditional relationships. not unconditional … it’s important. I knew this… 🙂

I bet more than a few of us could learn from this though. I know of many who could.

There are some good reads there… a few among the dozens of post I have read this week…

Now… go read. 😉

Any comments or have any interesting things we should read? Post below…

What I have read this week…

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